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INTERVIEW: Adam Mullen (Indie Comics Index)


INTERVIEW: Adam Mullen (Indie Comics Index)

Adam, thank you so much for agreeing to an interview! Tell everyone about who you are and your background?

Thank you for giving me a place to talk about the Indie Comics Index! I’m Adam Mullen, a composer, music educator, and indie comics creator from Portland, Oregon. My main focus in life is teaching private music lessons to low brass musicians in middle and high school and composing music for films and games. In the last several years, I’ve expanded my interests to creating and writing comics, such as the sci-fi Western LOST DOMINION. Outside of music and writing, I enjoy watching Star Trek. 

Tell us about the Indie Comics Index! Where did you get the idea and how did you bring it to life?

The Indie Comics Index is a catalog devoted to indie comic creators and their comics. It exists to promote indie creators and as a place for readers to discover new content to enjoy. The service is free to all indie comics creators. Each listing comes with a creator submitted bio and links so that visitors to the website can easily find out more about each listing.

The idea initially came about as a community idea through the Indie Alliance with a few other creators wanting to put together a page where alliance members could be promoted. I thought it would be fun to come up with a website idea. Over the course of a day or two, it quickly became its own separate idea from what a few members from the alliance were wanting to put together. I realized that what I came up with was more of a catalog than a flashy looking website. I wanted to make it available to everyone– both creators and readers. I wanted it to be a place where anyone could discover a new comic or creator and easily find it. This is a new website and it’s only me running it, so I work on it in my spare time. I’m doing it because I want to help support other creators. 

You’re also a creator. How did you become a creator? What’s your origin story?

Back in 2014, I was just about to finish my graduate studies in music performance. I had always liked coming up with stories and with college coming to an end for me, I had more time to finally create a story. I thought creating a comic would be easy– wow, I was wrong! I came up with the initial idea for my comic LOST DOMINION in that last week of college. It took me another year or so to write out four volumes worth of outlines, scripts, and side story ideas. I knew what I was creating was a huge storytelling universe and wanted it to be something I could be proud of. After a few years of sitting on issue #1, I decided to release it in April 2020. Since then, I’ve released a second issue (with a third nearly complete!) and wrote an unrelated series called FRACTURE POINT which has one issue out (with a second in production!). Soon, I’ll be releasing another series that I’ll be announcing in the next few months or so, as well as an anthology comic related to Lost Dominion hopefully next year.

Let’s go back to the Index, how can creators get their books listed there?

To list your comics on the Indie Comics Index, all you need is a creator bio, comic bio, a couple of logos, the genre of the comic, and a link to your website or where to buy the comic. 

What features do you foresee adding as the index grows?

As the website grows, I foresee needing to add easier ways to navigate through each creator and comic. Right now, there’s an alphabetical list, but no way to jump to each letter since the website doesn’t have too many creators and comics listed on it (yet). Hopefully soon, I’ll have lots of people wanting to list their comics on the site and will need to create more efficient ways of navigating the website. If need be, I’ll also add new social media pages for it. Right now, it’s only on Instagram. 

What has surprised you most since you launched ICI?

Since launching the website, the most surprising thing has been the quick support from the indie comics community. At its heart, supporting that community is what this website is all about. I want to support all of you, so it’s amazing to see the support reflected back without getting a chance to ask for it!

As a creator and curator of the Index, what’s one piece of advice you’d give to Indie Creators?

One piece of advice I would give to indie creators is to never give up on your dreams! I know that sounds cliche, but it’s so easy to give up, especially when there’s so many creators out there all trying to do the same thing as you and get the word out on their comic. I’ve wanted to give up at times, but I’ve kept going and pressing on. Seeing all of your projects is a continued inspiration! Whether it’s promoting your book, creating new content, or keeping your head above water– know that we’ve all been there. If we come together to support each other, even if it’s something like a nice comment on a social media post, it can make a huge difference to someone. My hope is by creating the Indie Comics Index, I’ve provided a place where new people can find your book and, even if it’s just a little bit, to get more people to see you and the wonderful art you’ve created. Your book deserves to be seen! 

Who are some creators that people should be following and supporting right now?

This is the most difficult question to answer, not because I can’t recommend anyone, but because there’s so many wonderful and talented people in the indie comics community. Support and follow creators who offer their support to you. Follow those who want to see you succeed. Also give your support to others who need help in promoting their book. Together, we can lift each other up. I know it means a lot to see other creators support me by giving me a follow and engaging with my content! 

My much more specific answer is this small list of creators (there are many more great people not listed) who I’ve recently gotten to know:

CnS Comics @cnscomics
Kirin Comics @kirin.comics 
Snowy Works @snowyworks
Elijah Adkins @starlightcomics3
RocketMan Comics @rmincorporated
TableFlip Entertainment @tableflip.entertainment
The Indie Alliance (anyone from this group!) @the_indie_alliance

The artists and creatives I’ve worked with on my comics:

Ted Kendrick
Mike Lombardo @plasmasuperhero
Marcelo Millicay
Valentina Viesti @valentina.viesti
James Strecker @jamiestreck518
Hayden Becton @den_toonz_comic

Adam, how can people find and support you and your projects?

Indie Comics Index
Indie Comics Index on Instagram @indiecomicsindex 

Lumo Station LLC – Multimedia Productions & Services (composer, writer/editor for hire)
Lumo Station on Instagram/Facebook @lumostation
Adam Mullen on YouTube

Lost Dominion – sci-fi Western comic series
Lost Dominion on Instagram/Facebook @lostdominioncomic
Lost Dominion on Twitter @lostdominion_
Tiala Tweets on Twitter @tiala_tweets (in-character social media)
Lost Dominion on YouTube 
Website: (multimedia stories expanding on the comic)

Fracture Point – sci-fi thriller comic series

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