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Indie Comic Throwdown – OYA Vs. ETHER


Indie Comic Throwdown – OYA Vs. ETHER

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April’s Indie Comic Throwdown is Oya VERSUS Ether!

If you missed the introduction post to the Indie Comic Throwdown, you can read it HERE, but the brief recap is every month, we’ll announce a match-up and start the poll. Starting this month, April, we start a special partnership with Chat and Draw! After the poll, but before the final results, Michael Watson will host both creators and draw the battle LIVE during an episode of Chat And Draw! At the end of the month, we’ll announce the results and offer our take on the battle. These Throwdowns are meant to be light-hearted, fun, and a feature to bring the fans together!

The poll for Oya vs Ether will be open through 4/18/21. It will then be locked and we’ll begin writing the battle based on the poll results!


Oya has the ability to manipulate wind patterns creating a soft breeze or a devastating tornado. Oya also possesses the ability of super speed which, at higher velocities, can ignite the very air around her. Oya incorporates these abilities into her fighting style which is extremely graceful yet brutal. She also has limited telepathic and telekinetic abilities. When she uses her abilities, a red energy signature appears around her wrists and her right eye. She can also focus the wind and heat around her to form two escrima sticks which she uses in battle.

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Ether was a former street hood from Washington, D.C. who turned his life around to become a community activist and a hero.  He is a skilled street fighter. Ether possesses the ability to control/manipulate the atomic and molecular bonds of all matter.  He can also use this ability to fly.  He uses his abilities to protect his community. Ether also often collaborated with other heroes within the Advent Universe for the good of the people.

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Who would win - Oya or Ether
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