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First Look: Juniper From Scout Comics


First Look: Juniper From Scout Comics

Juniper and her loyal; robot Toby become the target of dark supernatural force while searching for their missing friend on an alien world.

Scout Comics and Entertainment is thrilled to announce the next science fiction/fantasy pop-culture obsession, Juniper! Fans of DARK CRYSTAL and WIZARD OF OZ will fall in love with this comic. Juniper is the only human girl on the planet of Nerth. When her friend goes missing, she and her loyal robot, Toby, go on an adventure to find them. Incredible alien landscapes, dangerous creatures, and wonderfully inventive technology bring this universe to life as a girl and her robot pursue the clues to discover the missing person’s fate. Unknown to Juniper and Toby, a powerful malevolent force shadows them with sinister plans of its own.

The creators, Nathan Tomsic and Georgiana Brown, make their comic book debut with this series and already have mapped out several volumes for their saga. Nathan is a film school grad who has found his calling writing comics. When not writing he can usually be found working on his true-crime YouTube channel, riding a bike at the skate park, or taking his little Pomeranian for a walk. Georgiana is a farm girl who’s moved to the big city of Sydney. Shy by nature, she impresses everybody (including herself) when she gets on stage as the lead performer in a blues and funk band. Georgiana has been writing for as long as she can remember. Be it lyrics, dialogue between characters, or world design, she’s a master of the craft.

The superb artwork by Lorenzo Colangeli is the perfect addition to this talented team. The detail and care poured into every panel visually elevate this comic to one of the top all-ages offerings of 2022. Equally adept at creating believable worlds, wonderfully inventive creatures and technology, and engaging expressions, Lorenzo is a rare find.

Juniper will premiere as a Scout NonStop title, with the first issue being released in early 2022 and a graphic novel following later in the year.

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