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Brace Yourself! Space Vikings Are Getting Into Action in an All-New Comic Book!


Brace Yourself! Space Vikings Are Getting Into Action in an All-New Comic Book!

Who doesn’t love a good, epic story about Vikings? They’re a popular trope in TV series, movies, games, comics… and for a reason. Almost anyone can name at least a brief list of favorite productions about bearded Norsemen. You may be adding another entry to it soon!

For here comes Battle Code: Ragnarök. Blood on Ice – a comic book that takes warriors in horned (yes, horned: don’t let historical accuracy ruin your fun) helmets to a distant corner of space.

This is the saga of Torhild Einarsdottir, a female Viking warrior. We meet her on a quest to avenge the death of her father. He fell in battle with the Saxons, another fraction kidnapped by Jotuns from Earth centuries ago to the planetary system called Jotunheim. And while the Vikings remained faithful to their traditions… they didn’t mind a bit of progress.

So we meet them equipped with hammers, axes, swords, and… laser guns. The only thing missing is saddled dinos… No, wait, there are dinosaurs too. All spiced up with a tad of black humor and a distinct illustration style.

Who’s responsible for this ambitious endeavor?

BC:R is the work of a creative collective named Yelly Studio, with two creators behind it: AL GOYO (illustrator, colorist) and Adrian Liput (writer). This is their first comic book made together, although they have previously collaborated on numerous projects outside the industry. Now they want to realize their lifelong dream and publish a visually attractive, well-told saga of a heroine who bravely faces enormous challenges.

The whole story is planned for 3 issues. The authors already have a detailed outline of how Torhild’s further adventures, started in the first installment, will turn out.

They’re launching a campaign on Kickstarter real soon to fund this project.

Wanna keep your fingers crossed for Torhild? Back this comic financially or simply with a word of encouragement? The best way to stay in touch is to follow Yelly Studio’s social profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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