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10 Horror Comics you Should Read Even After the Spooky Season


10 Horror Comics you Should Read Even After the Spooky Season

Yes, my friends, it’s that time of year again. As the year draws to its climactic close, the time of goblins, ghouls and other spooky fools comes and goes for another year. But after the fog dies down the spooks shouldn’t stop rolling, you can still cuddle-bug with a spooky good book. As the horror-loving, comic fiend I am, have concocted a list of 10 great horror or horror adjacent comics for you all to read as you count down the days to October 31st and beyond. So grab your pumpkin spiced drinks and cozy blankets because these horror reads are too good to miss.

Crescent City Monsters

If you’re looking for a supernatural or cosmic horror type comic then Crescent City Monsters by Dark Furry Comics is gonna be one to put on your reading list. Featuring a striking achromatic art style, horrifically amazing monsters, and a well-written story, Crescent City Monsters takes you on a wild ride leaving you on the edge of your seat each and every page turn. For a full review of the book, you can check it out right here on the Indie Comix Dispatch, and to nab yourself a copy you just have to go over to to secure yourself a wonderful fright.

Zombie Terrors

Calling all zombie fans! If you’ve been hunting for your next bite of zombie media, then look no further than the 3 part anthology series Zombie Terrors from Asylum Press. Featuring an amazing cast of writers and illustrators each story does a fantastic job of taking you on a zombie-infested horror ride you won’t forget. For the zombie fan and horror fans in between, another great addition to your October reading list. If you want copies of these gruesome books, the first issue will be available at your local comic book shop on and after October 6th.

30 Days of Night

An absolute horror must-have is the 30 days of Night comics by Steve Niles and released by IDW Publishing. Filled with some of the best art the horror comics have to offer and a story that will keep you enticed all the way through. If you’ve only just watched the movies, you are not doing this fantastic series justice and you must add this to your spooky season reading list. You can find copies of 30 Days of Night at most book retailers.

Nightfall: Micheal’s Awakening

If you’re a lover of classic horror fantasy, then you’ll absolutely love Nightfall: Micheal’s Awakening by Dwayne Robinson. Nightfall is a dynamic comic with wonderfully done art, a good blend of both fantasy and horror motifs, and an interesting premise that will definitely keep you interested until the last speech bubble. An absolute must-add for the classic monster fans to your spooky reading list. If you want copies, be sure to go to to catch up on the story thus far. 

Ice Cream Man

If you’re a fan of creepy anthology series with unique concepts, then I suggest you pick up Ice Cream Man written by W. Maxwell Prince and Published by Image comics. Ice Cream Man is two parts wild and one part cynical comedy as it takes you through its various tales of weird and unnatural events. It’s incredibly well-drawn, interesting from start to finish and definitely a wonderful addition to your October-themed reading list. You can read the 1st issue on images comics here: and grab a copy right off the website or anywhere comics are sold.


If you’re a reader that enjoys a horror-fantasy-type story, then I highly encourage you to read Injection by Warren Ellis. With top-notch gore, insidious horror, a bit of magic and a plot that will not only captivate you but will leave you searching the pages for each and every clue, Injection is an absolute treat to read and perfect to add to your reading list this October. As far as getting yourself a copy; you can find Injection at all of your favorite book retailers.

Hell in Stalingrad

If you’re looking for a new comic hot off the press, then I would definitely suggest Hell in Stalingrad. This comic does a really good job of letting its visuals tell a story before the story even begins and instantly sucks you into a horrifying tale. With its heavily artistic art style, ghoulish monsters and dynamic plot, this story is absolutely one for the reading list. If you’re looking to get a copy for yourself, be sure to visit

Red Mother

A criminally under-discussed horror comic, Red mother is absolutely a great read. A storyline featuring unquantifiable horrors, trauma and artistic scares, this comic will keep you turning page after page as it captivates you with its wonderful narrative. If you’re a reader who loves gore just as much as they love a well-crafted horror tale then I would easily recommend this comic for you. If you’re looking to grab copies, Red Mother is available on as well as most comic booksellers.


If you love detective-style dark fantasy stories, then boy is Killadelphia for you. This comic genuinely knocked my socks off with its detailed visuals and instant attention-grabbing dialogue. It’s mature, gritty but nearly impossible to put down. If you are looking to be immersed in a comic, you’ve got to add Killadelphia to your reading list– it’s required reading. If you’re looking for a sneak peek, you can read the 1st chapter or grab a copy on Image Comics here:


Wytches is a devilishly good horror comic! Instantly hitting you with those amazing visuals we’ve come to love from horror and a really alluring story that will actually give you the heebeegeebees. 

It’s just a top-notch comic all the way around and you have to give it a read. If you’re looking to pick up this book you can always find it on Image Comics’ website: or just pick it up from wherever you normally grab comics!

I hope you enjoy the comics on this list, but of course, don’t forget to support the many indie comic creators out there!

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