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REVIEW: The Crossing #1

Black Comics

REVIEW: The Crossing #1

Cover by: Sean Damien Hill & Sunil Ghagre
Written/ Co-Created by: Robert Jeffrey II & John McGuire
Line Art by/ Co-Created By: Sean Damien Hill
Color Art: Sunil Ghagre
Lettering: Loris Ravina
Publisher: 133Art

Fugitive Dr. James Kincaid is running for his life. Years prior he was the most accomplished physicist in the realm of Crossing, but due to his own mistakes (professional and personal) he lost everything. Now, in a last ditch effort to fix things Dr. Kincaid runs afoul of powerful US Senator Christopher John Rice.

Kincaid steals Crossing tech and escapes into the multiverse. However, Sen. Rice will stop at nothing to get what he wants, so he enlists renowned Crossing physicist Jun Patton and FBI agent Kayla Cooke in a covert mission to hunt him down.



As with all of Jeffrey’s work I’ve read, the story for The Crossing is masterfully written. I’m leaving familiar with McGuire, but if The Crossing is any example of his work, He is also a master at his craft. The two make a remarkable team and bring us an interesting and intriguing tale of parallel worlds. The plot of The Crossing feels like you’re jumping into a new blockbuster sci-fi, action movie. It is compelling, intriguing, and just plain fun! I am a huge sci-fi fan, and The Crossing definitely scratches that itch!



Hill’s artwork is great, as always, and Ghagre’s color choices are bold and add to the tone of the story. The characters are well designed and drawn. Some of the character’s faces are drawn too similar. For example, I was initially confused when Agent Cooke made her entrance because she appeared similar to Jun. also, Senator Rice’s design seemed to be a little fluid between panels and I had a moment of wondering if this was a new character or not. Other than those small quibbles, the art helps deliver a very compelling story!



The dialogue provides a lot of information to help set-up the story. Jeffrey and McGuire provide all the needed information through character interaction, without bogging down the dialogue. There are still plenty of secrets being kept which makes you crave more story.



Very well constructed, and laid out. The constitution of the plot left me desperately wanting more pages at the end of the story!



Well-edited with no noticeable spelling or grammatical errors.

The Crossing is a great first issue and I cannot wait to read future issues! You can grab it now at

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