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Review: Tales of the Stars #1

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Review: Tales of the Stars #1

CnS Comics was founded by Wilson Lee Jr. to produce the universe-spanning epic, Tales of the Stars (ToS). The beginning of the series follows Tol’Asha, an Immortal called into Existence by the mysterious Voice. The first story arc covers the origins of Tol’Asha. Blessed with amazing power bestowed on her by the Stars, she is on a quest to create a vessel to challenge the indomitable might of the Cosmic Dragons. With the aid of friends, Immortal and mortal alike, Tol’Asha embarks on an epic journey like nothing before.

From CnS, “The events of the Tales of the Stars series take place in Existence–a realm of endless life, countless worlds, and infinite adventures.” And indeed, this rings true as you read issue 1. The first issue of Tales of the Stars is like reading JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit. A great, well-rounded, classic story, but you sense so much more on the horizon. Lee is building a universe that holds unique mythology and expansive stories just like Tolkien. You get the sense that issue one is the tip of the iceberg in the tales of the stars, and what’s coming next is sure to impress.

Tol’Asha is a wonderful character. Full of power and possibility, yet with the pride and self-confidence of a child (she is born in issue 1). One can guess that she will find herself in issue 2. I can’t wait to see Tol’Asha grow and expand as she continues to work toward her fight with the Cosmic Dragon.

The art in ToS #1 is good. It is not the modern style that you’ll find in a lot of books, it is more based in a deep nostalgia of 70’s and 80’s cartoons. Somehow, it adds to the sense that we are embarking on a grand epic with Lee as our guide.

ToS is a fantastic book, and I cannot recommend it enough! Lee’s storytelling will leave your craving more! But don’t worry, more is on the way! Issue 2 just finished a successful Kickstarter and will be releasing soon. And, if you just can’t get enough of Tol’Asha, CnS has released a pilot episode, based on issue 1, of a ToS animated series, with more hopefully on the way!

From CnS Comics:

“Tales of the Stars is a comic book series created by Wilson Lee Jr.  The series launch begins with Tol’Asha of the Stars.  Tol’Asha is a Star-bonded Immortal, newly called into Existence. Tall, strong, wonderous–Tol’Asha.”

Order your copy of Tales of the Stars issue 1 at CnS’ website –

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