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REVIEW: Nightfall #2

Black Comics

REVIEW: Nightfall #2

Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG-13

Creative Team:

Writer: Brian Lambert
Artist: Fabio Simao
Colors: Nestor Redulla 
Letters: Rune Makerz
Cover: Fabio Simao
Editor: Malachi Bailey
Publisher: Wingless Comics and Constant Hustle Comics 


Artwork: 1 Star (I thought the artwork in the first issue was great. This issue came along and said, “Hold my beer”.)

Story: 1 Star (The plot continues to be great.)

Dialogue: .75 Stars (The dialogue does a terrific job of moving the story along. I would have liked to see more discussions that help the reader learn about the different characters.)

Mechanics: .75 Stars (“Nightfall” #2 is a very fast paced read that is incredibly easy to fall into. There’s a small lull in the action when Mr. Lambert shifts gears. Then he really blows your hair back as he continues to accelerate.)

Editing: 1 Star (The lettering was spot on. The list of characters on the first page was immensely helpful.)

About the Book:

Avery and Jinx have learned about Ouroboros and are trying to plan their next move. The Revenant is receiving marching orders from his master about Lux. Kaliburn and Lux have an interesting encounter with Blaqfire. Meanwhile, Her and Cyrus are concerned with Ramona’s “scribing”. Justice has come to realize that the evil that everyone is fighting is using television for mind control. 

Reviewer’s Notes:

As a consumer the first thing I noticed about “Nightfall” #2 was how quickly I received it. I backed the project on Kickstarter and had a digital copy of the book ten days after the campaign ended. I’ve had eBay orders that weren’t filled that quickly. On Kickstarter it’s practically unheard of. Very impressive.

I can’t say enough about how incredible the artwork was. I absolutely loved the panel with the bridge. I’ve made a mental note to reach out to Mr. Simao to see about obtaining the original for my wall. 

There is so much happening in this book it’s hard to believe they crammed that much into 23 pages. The tempo propels you through the story like the Knight Bus from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. It’s a very fun ride.

The one detractor I have about this book is at times it’s hard to keep up with all of the characters. I know Justice. I’m familiar with Kaliburn as well. I’m still learning about Avery, Jinx,Her, and Lux. It’s akin to watching “Avengers: Infinity War” when you only really know Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s still a great story. You just don’t get to appreciate it quite as much. 

As the series goes on I look forward to adding Avery, Jinx, Her, and Lux to my friends list.

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