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Review: Enigma Issues 1-3

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Review: Enigma Issues 1-3

Enigma is the creation of KAH Studio’s Kelvin Hart. It follows the story of Femi, an everyman Uber Driver who finds himself caught up in the world of myth and magic after finding a strange bracelet left behind in his vehicle; this bracelet is one of the keys to unlock great evil and there are people who will go the distance to get this bracelet.

Enigma begins in Lagos, Nigeria with an Uber ride. A mysterious old man, referred to only as Master in issue 1, is thrown into the side of Femi’s car. He quickly gets in the car and orders Femi to drive him away. After the old man exits, Femi discovers a bracket in the back seat, tries it on, and then cannot remove it.

Over the course of issues 1-3, it is revealed that Femi discovered ”The Key”, a magic bracket that the series villain Mr. Derek is desperately seeking. As the bracket latches onto Femi, he becomes a guardian for an unknown force, presumably for good.

Issues 1-3 hold a wide variety of action. Femi is attacked, learns something of his powers, suffers a great personal loss, and more as Mr. Derek pursues the key. As issue 3 closes, Femi begrudgingly accepts his role in the coming battle and follows the old man to discover more.

Enigma is an exciting, action-packed read. It almost follows a “Star Wars: A New Hope” story arc, with Femi as Luke Skywalker and the old man as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Where this magical bracket came from, who, or what, is Mr. Derek, and how does the old man play into all this isn’t revealed in issues 1-3, which just makes you want to keep reading! Hart’s pacing and dialogue are exactly what you want, each hitting the mark nicely. 

The art out of KAH Studios is superb! It is colorful, consistent, and fits with other modern comics from Marvel or DC. The beautiful panels only add to the intriguing story, instead of potentially distracting from it. 

KAH is leading the way in Nigeria’s recent comic book revolution! I highly recommend Enigma, it is one of the better books coming out of Nigeria right now and is sure to continue growing as we follow Femi on his path toward becoming a true hero. Plus, there’s no reason not to jump into Enigma since issue 1 is free right now on KAH’s website and issues 2-4 are only 99 cents each!

About KAH Studios:

KAH Studios is a creative production family driven by GOD, PASSION and CREATIVE MINDS for change. KAH Studios was founded on the idea to transform imaginations to life in the form of Comics, Animations, Movies and Games with leading industrial techniques; Showcasing some of the best stories told about Africa.

With a dedicated creative team, we create international standard content and help businesses with Stunning audiovisual to help promote their brands. We currently have some of our comics on international platforms like Amazon and Comixology.

KAH Studios website –

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