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Graphic Novel ‘The Winterfields’ to Illuminate the Harlem Renaissance in Noir Style: A Creative Union of Joseph P. Illidge and Chriscross

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Graphic Novel ‘The Winterfields’ to Illuminate the Harlem Renaissance in Noir Style: A Creative Union of Joseph P. Illidge and Chriscross

In the captivating world of comic books, a new noir tale is set to unfold, steeped in the vibrant backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance. Esteemed writer and editor Joseph P. Illidge, known for his work on “MPLS Sound,” and the acclaimed artist Chriscross, recognized for titles like “Thor” and “Blood Syndicate,” have joined forces to bring “The Winterfields” to life. This gripping narrative takes readers back to 1920s Harlem, an era marked by cultural and artistic flourishing, through the story of Cain Winterfield, a World War I veteran turned bodyguard, and his son Carver.

“The Winterfields” is more than just a story; it is a tribute to a pivotal time in history. The graphic novel, set for publication in 2025 by FairSquare Comics under its “Noir is the New Black” imprint, promises a tale of survival, intrigue, and the complexities of the father-son dynamic. Illidge describes it as a fusion of “Lone Wolf and Cub” and “Road To Perdition,” offering a unique blend of crime noir and historical drama. Chriscross adds his artistic prowess to bring this era to life, ensuring a visual feast that complements the story’s depth.

The journey of “The Winterfields” begins with a prelude in the Expanded Edition of the FairSquare Comics anthology “Noir is the New Black,” scheduled for release in January. This edition will not only feature “The Winterfields” but also other noir stories by an array of talented Black creators. The anthology, already a bestseller, is set to include more stories and unseen content, highlighting FairSquare Comics’ commitment to diverse and compelling narratives.

Fabrice Sapolsky, CEO & Founder of FairSquare Comics, expresses his enthusiasm for the project, noting the anthology’s significance as the company’s first and most successful graphic novel. As FairSquare Comics celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2024, “The Winterfields” stands as a testament to their motto, “comics from the rest of us,” showcasing the relevance and richness of diverse storytelling in the world of comics.

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