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Before dawn breaks, before we can usher in a new day, we must allow darkness to descend first. We must embrace NIGHTFALL! In this edition of “Casting Call” that is exactly what I do.  It is no secret that I share a deep and abiding love for these rising stars of the indie comic community. It is no secret that I champion all things Wingless. It is also no secret that I want Nightfall Pt 2 – A Cold Wind Blows to continue to slay with the current ongoing Kickstarter! Yes, that would be a shameless plug you should take full advantage of.

You are probably asking yourself, “What IS Nightfall?” 

The description below was shamelessly ripped from the Kickstarter: 

A Cold Wind Blows picks up right where NIGHTFALL pt.1 left off.  We find our heroes struggle to survive the turning wheels of OUROBOROS’ schemes. Justice is beset by threats he knows all too well.  Avery and Jinx unravel a conspiracy with players at all levels of society. Lux runs for her life, with a past shrouded in mystery and an uncertain future. Where is the rogue in all this?  Kaliburn has yet to show his face, but all things occult are his business.  And as the skies darken, where will a certain water-wielding Elemental fit in?

Before we get into the nitty gritty it is only fair that I elucidate. What is “Nightfall”? Who are the key players? Why is it important? Why is it being considered the “indie event of the year”? 

In short, this collaborative endeavor, this union of the minds, is a labor of love; a love letter to the epic blockbuster comic book stories of the 1990’s us millennials grew up. The best part of that decade, mind you. The cool part of the 90’s. The indie community is just that—a community. We are all citizens doing our part to strengthen our niche as a whole. Fostering relationships should be integral. Perfecting our brands and making lifelong connections.  Crossovers are inevitable. 

Enter ‘Nightfall”.

I have considered my choices carefully. I scoured my memory banks and performed multiple Google searches for the best fit for the heroes of both Wingless and Constant Hustle Comics, the co-stars in this thrilling tale. Decisions were not made lightly, I assure you.  Who was selected to play Avery the Astonishing? Who could do Justice, well, justice? Who has the swag to play the hooded mystery that is Kaliburn? The spunky Lux? The enigmatic Her? 

Charlize Theron as Avery the Astonishing

We have already seen a brunette Charlize playing the beloved Aeon Flux in the abysmal movie adaption. I am sure there were more action flicks, but that one that screams Avery to me is Charlize’s character Andy in Netflix’s “Old Guard.” Military bearing. Tough as nails. No nonsense. Soldier. Yeah, just check off the box. Charlize has my vote to play the non-binary superstar hero of Constant Hustle fame. 

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Justice

To me, this was a no-brainer. Yahya is a personal fave. Sure, he is a good-looking dark-skinned man who could have easily taken the modeling route, but clearly, he was meant for more. His acting is superb. There is a commanding intensity to Yahya. So, I am supremely confident that his acting chops can back up his spot on looks to portray our Winged Wonder. Of course, we would need to get him a GOOD wig to show off the locs. None of that CWVerse Party City tomfoolery! 

Omari Hardwick as Kaliburn

I confess, I kinda was caught between Michael Ealy and Omari Hardwick, but ended up with Omari. Granted, I did not watch him in “Power” on Starz but based on the scant scenes I managed to catch in passing, his brooding presence was tangible. He seemed ruthless and cutthroat (if need be) but very much the ladies’ man when the, ah, the carnal possibility presented itself. To me, that is big Kaliburn energy. I think he could be convincing in displaying Kaliburn’s less severe manner especially in contrast to Justice’s more serious demeanor. 

Lovie Simone as Lux

Okay, at first, I had Tiffany Boone (of “The Chi” fame) mainly because of the hair, but then I had to check myself and be like, “Self, is Tiffany how I behold Lux?” Does Tiffany strike me as a spunky, rambunctious ingenue of Wingless Comics? No and no. Then I thought about that headstrong teenager from OWN’s “Greenleaf’. She had the attitude. She had the look. But most importantly, Lovie had that hair! 

Teyonah Parris as HER

Listen. For 5 years now I have envisioned Teyonah as the model for HER. So, imagine my delight when they cast her as Monica Rambeau in “WandaVision” then saw her rock the frosty blue eyes! Graceful, beautiful, intelligent, and with just enough mystery to bring life to the so-called “Nameless Woman”. Teyonah has and always be the one to pull off my creation! ‘Nuff Said. 

In closing, I am convinced that the chosen candidates could act as the heroes in the “biggest indie event of the year”. I can even see a movie billboard in Times Square. Larger than life. Epic. Timeless. I am already speaking this into the universe. An ensemble cast of POC actors breathing life into an ensemble cast of POC heroes. The next generation won’t know what hit them.  Nightfall: The Movie coming soon! Who would you cast? Tell me. Tell Malachi.

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Hailing from Long Island, NY, Malachi Bailey is an avid reader and self-professed Blerd. Ever since he was a kid, he had been a huge fan of and an appreciation for comics books. This opened him to the world of science fiction and fantasy, a genre he still loves. Recently, he has been writing more Black Speculative fiction as the genre continues to grow and expand. The release of his first book, HER, will be the first of many. Also affiliated with Wingless Comics, his heroine has made the jump to comics!

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