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5 Indie Comics to Read This October

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5 Indie Comics to Read This October

Starting October 14th on Broadcasts from the Dispatch we’ll be hosting a series of intense and spooky indie comics panels, but if you want to start your October off in a less horror-filled way, grab one (or all) of these fantastic indie comic books to read!

Jonathan Fox in The Monster of Egypt by John McClellan

“JONATHAN FOX in The Monster of Egypt” Is the story of an International Jewel Thief caught In a vicious game of espionage. Tension Builds as Jonathan Fox and special agent Nazia Valanju journey to Cairo Egypt to stop a known terrorist from attacking the United States and uncover the mystery behind “The Monster of Egypt.” Jonathan Fox is a fast-moving Action/Adventure espionage story filled with terrorism, murder, and suspense This Hard Hitting Graphic Novel is Available at:

Changa and The Jade Obelisk by Milton J Davis, adapted by Robert Jeffrey

Changa and the Jade Obelisk is adapted from the novel Changa’s Safari by Milton Davis. In the 15th century on the East Coast of Africa begin the amazing exploits of merchant/adventurer Changa Diop. From the Swahili merchant cities of Mombasa, to the secretive kingdoms of Madagascar, Changa, the sorcerer Panya and the mysterious swordsman The Tuareg experience adventures beyond the imagination when they pursue the malicious Bahati, keeper of the Jade Obelisk!

Available at

The Protector Saga by Branson Grant

Brandon Grant lost both his parents when The Divines claimed the lives of some of the world’s most famous heroes. Still, he never stopped living life, finishing high school and moving back to New York to go to college with his friend, Adrian. But When an ancient force threatens to return a man appears to Brandon with a startling revelation.Brandon is no stranger to superheroes. But he never expected to hear that he was the descendent of an ancient Jamaican ruler, the mightiest superhero of them all. Now he must train to develop his superhuman abilities to fight the most powerful evil the world has ever faced. But will it be enough?

Available at

The Power Knights by Keithan Jones

Pawns of a tyrannical king, Metal Star, Bluzara, Dragon Blaze, Camouflage, Princess Raxi, and Warseed, were forced to use their special powers to wage war on hundreds of worlds in the outer universe. Through mysterious intervention, they are reawakened on Earth free of the king’s grip. Vowing to not interfere with the affairs of mankind, they retreat into a reclusive life to ponder their atrocious past. However, Warseed soon breaks the vow with visions of becoming a god on Earth. The ultimate master of mankind. Inspired by a boy named Kandle, the remaining five form The Power Knights in hopes of redemption and to defend mankind against imminent doom.

Available at

Black Out by Roosevelt Pitt Jr. & Jay Kelley

A city of the future is in peril. Human trafficking is running rampant. The Brother and Purge race to connect the dots, to stop a conspiracy from unfolding! That is if they get past the villainous trio known as the Triumvirate!

Available at

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