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REVIEW: Will Aliens Do My Homework

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REVIEW: Will Aliens Do My Homework

Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG

Creator/Writer: David Whalen
Artist: David Whalen
Colors: David Whalen
Letters: David Whalen
Editor: Patrick Daniel
Publisher: Correct Handed Comics

There have been a lot of alien-themed stories and movies over the years. We all cheered when aliens blew up the White House in “Independence Day”. Who didn’t get some laughs and/or appreciate the visual effects in “Men in Black’ when it first came out? We learned that the truth is out there with the X-Files.

Whatever format you go with, people can not get enough stories about aliens. A lot of that goes back to our nature to be curious. As cavemen we went out to see what was beyond the opening of our caves. As early as the 10th century Norse Vikings made the trek across the Atlantic. That was what was next. It took a few hundred years but eventually man took to the skies and space. We’ve put a man on the moon. How far away is a man on Mars? It’s what’s next. Until we know what is out there there will always be stories and speculation on the topic.

“Will Aliens Do My Homework?” is a short story based on the premise of aliens attacking an elementary school. Mrs. Jackson, the art teacher, must find a way to get herself and 11 students off school grounds and find safety while avoiding being captured by the invading creatures.

Artwork: .5 Stars

I really liked this cover. Scenes of people being beamed up to a spaceship have always held a special place in my heart going as far back as I can remember. The lines on the interior pages are very crisp. I would have liked to see a bit more detail, but it doesn’t affect the story.

Story: .75 Stars

Goodness knows there have been a lot of stories where the plot centers around the idea of an alien invasion. “Will Aliens Do My Homework?” differentiates itself from the others a bit. It has good bones. I’d like to get some more meat on them to really see what distinguishes itself from the others.

Dialogue: .75 Stars

There’s a lot of information to be gained from the dialogue. We learn that Mrs. Jackson has a knack for being late to work. We see that Mrs. Flansburg is getting to the point where she’s getting to the point where she’s fed up with it. We also get a lot of information about the class’s experience in the woods.

Editing: .75 Stars

I liked the lettering, especially when the school was attacked. The fonts used were clear and in a readable size. The Boonville sign was a nice touch. It helps emphasize that this story could take place in Any Small Town, USA.

Mechanics: .75 Stars

“Will Aliens Do My Homework?” Is easy to fall into. It has relatable characters. The reader can feel the sense of urgency at different points along the way. This story reminds me of a well done subplot in an alien movie or story. With a little more depth and tweaking this has a lot of potential. I’d like to revisit this book if we get a follow up for this title.

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