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REVIEW: The Recount #2


REVIEW: The Recount #2

Rating if the Book Were a Movie: R

Writer: Jonathan Hedrick
Artist: Gabriel Ibarra-Nunez
Colors: Sunil Ghagre
Letters: Christian Docolomansky
Editor: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Publisher: Scout Comics 

In the first issue of “The Recount” we saw a terrorist organization called The Masses assassinate the President of the United States. Vice President Meredith McDearmon was sworn in as the new president. When President McDearmon was addressing the nation after this tragedy The Masses hacked her feed. 

Their leader (whom I shall call Clown Mask 1) explained how dirty the former president was. Clown Mask 1 then explained that in addition to killing the president, The Masses are going to exterminate anyone that helped get him into office in the first place, all the way down to the voters. 

At that point we learned that The Masses have infiltrated at least as high as the Joint Chiefs of Staff because the Chief of Staff of the Air Force tried to assassinate president McDearmon. That ended with Secret Service Special Agent Barto shooting him. 

Issue two begins with the President and Agent Barto trying to figure out the best course of action. While exploring options they learn that 37 voters in the electoral colleges have already been killed. Barto wants to be on the run, trying to get to the safety of the White House. President McDearmon wants to try to save at least one electoral voter from The Masses.

As much as they’d like to, the Secret Service does not dictate policy when it comes to a protection assignment. 

While they are on a mission to rescue at least one electoral voter we see that The Masses plan is already coming together. American citizens are turning on one another and taking matters into their own hands.

Artwork: 1 Star

From cover to cover the artwork is great. I thought it would be hard to outdo the artwork from the first issue. Gabriel Ibarra-Nunez found a way. I really liked the Jeep with members of The Masses in the chase scene. 

Story: 1 Star 

“The Recount” continues to be original, fresh, and, frankly, a bit frightening. This is fiction that isn’t far from being reality. The “I voted for Christensen” hat really hits home if you make it red with four letters on it.

Dialogue: 1 Star 

The dialogue served is filled with information. It’s where we learn about the electoral voters being assassinated. It gives us a glimpse into what would make American citizens turn on one another. It helps fill in blanks about how the hierarchy of The Masses is established. I loved it.

Editing: .75 Stars 

The lettering is terrific all the way through this book. The story is following its canon. I would like to get editor’s notes giving us a better idea of where in the country things are taking place. It doesn’t affect the quality of the story though.

Mechanics: .75 Stars 

The reader is pulled in instantly with the second issue. This issue has almost everything, action, drama, suspense. Check, check, and check. I would like to see more character development, especially with President McDearmon. We’re a couple issues in and I don’t feel like I know her yet.

“The Recount”  does not have to worry about a sophomore slump with issue #2. It continues to take the reader on a wild ride with all sorts of twists and turns. This issue hit the shelves in comic book stores across the land today. If they are out of stock, I highly recommend asking them to order a copy for you!

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