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REVIEW: The Traveler #1


REVIEW: The Traveler #1

Book Title: The Traveler #1

Book Description: The Traveler is the tale of an early 19th century Russian sheep farmer. He’s the son of an officer that died in combat. Shortly thereafter his mother killed herself. Now he has a flock of diseased sheep. He can’t sell their wool or meat. He’s starving because he’s afraid to eat the meat himself.

All of that changes when a humanoid creature appears near him one night. His first reflex is to shoot the creature to protect himself and his flock. By the light of day he realizes that the creature was a man wearing some advanced clothing and tech.

When he puts on the gauntlet that the dead man was wearing, hooks appear and pierce his skin. He hits the gauntlet to make it stop. By doing so he activates it and finds himself flung forward in time to the front lines in WWI.

After a while he gets to know the ins and outs of the gauntlet and can control where and when he wants to travel to next. He learns that in one dimension rice is worth its weight in gold. In another, diamonds are a dime a dozen.

Through his time hopping the Traveler has amassed quite a fortune. Money has not brought him happiness though. He doesn’t have love and he’s losing his health. He decides to leave his fortune behind and take one last trip…

Book Author: Neil Gibson

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: T Pub Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Tasos Anastasiades

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


I was unfamiliar with The Traveler until I saw it in a friend’s online auction. I don’t know where she gets her huge assortment of small press publishing books from; but she never seems to run out. It’s great for a geek on a budget.

I like the premise of this story. The concept of bouncing between dimensions to make your millions is interesting. We get a lot of character development with the Traveler with the exception of one detail. After a full issue we still don’t have his name. Im hoping to learn that when I come across the second installment of the series.

The cover artwork reminded me of the Empty Child in “Doctor Who”. The allure of that made me jump at it. I liked the way everything is colored in a grayscale. It makes the details stand out nicely.

The interior artwork is solid. I would have liked to have seen more attention to the character’s facial features. It doesn’t distract the reader from the story though.

I loved how the majority of the story was done through narration. Having the script of the journal done in cursive makes it feel more realistic.

At the end of the day, I would say that I liked The Traveler. It has a fun premise, and with the Traveler’s ability to jump between dimensions as well as time travel there are endless possibilities. It’s definitely worth it to go on a curiosity voyage if you come across a copy in your travels.

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