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REVIEW: The Incredulous Guano Guy #2


REVIEW: The Incredulous Guano Guy #2

Book Title: The Incredulous Guano Guy #2

Book Description: This is a collection of short stories about Guano Guy. Guano Guy is the superhero nobody knows about because he’s always overshadowed by Mr. Marvelous. To try to get a better spin with the press Guano Guy makes a deal with Rita, a reporter that’s trying to break through in her own right. The deal is that she uses her network of sources to tell her when a crime is taking place. She informs Guano Guy. Our hero rushes in to save the day. Afterwards Rita gets an exclusive interview. The problem is Guano Guy is comparable if you were mashing up Dudley Do-Right with Groo. You get the best of intentions, with mixed results at best.

Book Author: Mark Darden

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Guano Guy Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Alexander Enlund, Stephen Webster, Paulo J. Hernandez, Flavio Giron

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Someone from the creative team gave him a couple copies of The Incredulous Guano Guy #2 to the owners of my local comic book store to spread the word about this book. The owner passed it on to me to get my opinion.

My first impression is overall it reminds me a lot of Mad Magazine. The creative team doesn’t take themselves too seriously and they had a lot of fun making this title. 

The interior artwork is a touch on the cartoonish side of things, and it works perfectly with the stories. There are a lot of spoofs on characters from the big two as well as The Walking Dead. Those are good for a few laughs.

Each of the short stories is done as a segment of an ongoing story. It can be a bit distracting to hit the reset button every six or seven pages. The bright spot is it’s easy to get back in the groove.

I understand that with a small press publisher the majority of the cost goes into what it cost to put the book together in the first place. The bigger companies have the luxury of getting a huge price discount on printing because of the sheer volume they send to the presses and can pass some of the savings on to the consumer. 

With The Incredulous Guano Guy #2 you get a thick book that is comparable to the “king sized” special  issues One would see from other companies. I appreciate that it couldn’t be cheap to put together. That being said, as a geek on a budget the $8.00 cover price would be a sticking point for me. For true fans of the genre it’s money well spent. As a casual fan I had some laughs along the way. Those laughs won’t have me circling my calendar for when the next Kickstarter campaign begins.

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