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REVIEW: The Firefly Holiday Special #1


REVIEW: The Firefly Holiday Special #1

Book Title: The Firefly Holiday Special #1

Book Description: It’s Sheng San Jieh, also known as Christmas, on Serenity. Everyone is gathered around the table eating dinner and trading stories about their worst Christmases. When Jayne is asked about his worst Christmas he gets all choked up. Literally. He gets a nut from a piece of fruitcake lodged in his throat.

Simon gives Jayne the Heimlich maneuver, which makes Jayne uncomfortable. That’s when we learn that he’s sold out the Tams on more than one occasion.

River asks Jayne if he saw the three ghosts. He brushes it off without hesitation. We then cut to Li Shen’s Bizaar. It’s an outpost that is safe for getting supplies, even for those who are wanted.

Jayne has been sent on a shopping excursion to get food for Christmas dinner. With everything that’s happened, he’s not in the Christmas spirit. During his outing, someone alerts the law of his presence and he seeks cover in a curiosity shop… Where he’s promptly knocked out.

Jayne wakes to see Shepherd Book. Shepherd takes him on a journey to the past where we get to see Jayne at Christmas in his youth and get a glimpse of how he came to be the way he is now.

When Shepherd Book fades away we get to see Mal. He takes Jayne to present-day Canton. There Jayne learns that sometimes it is better to be remembered for what people think you are rather than what you truly are.

He then finds himself with Emma in the future. She takes him to Lethe, a necropolis on an asteroid that is home to the largest potter’s field in the ‘Verse. Here we see that people visit, not to mourn, but to find a way to stave off death. Nothing is sacred to them. Not family, friends, or themselves.

At this point, River wakes Jayne up and they find their way from the curiosity shop to the hanger. Aboard the ship, we get to see a different side of Jayne. We see a man that is humble and willing to take down walls to let people in.

Book Author: Jeff Jensen

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Boom! Studios

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Jordi Perez, Vincenzo Federici, Fabiana Mascolo

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Like so many, I loved the “Firefly” television series. I often wondered what plots we would get with more episodes. I never considered the notion of doing something Christmas-themed.

Taking things a step further by going with the theme of “A Christmas Carol” was a bold move. And it works. I loved how this book helped pull the entire ”Firefly” universe together.

The references about Jayne’s hat and Vera were fun Easter eggs for fans. I really enjoyed seeing Jayne’s youth. It helps explain so much.

This cover is a great depiction of what Jayne had become: a hard man that has no loyalties, even to himself. He’s not living. He’s simply existing. He hates everyone and everything for it.

The artwork on the interior pages is well done. The reader can easily identify the cast of characters. I can’t decide if I liked seeing Serenity strung up in Christmas lights or the Grinch in the curiosity shop better.

The $7.99 cover price may cause some sticker shock. Remember, this is a thicker book that gives more depth to a very popular character. As a geek on a budget, I would say this is great for the “Firefly” fans out there. I do recommend being well versed in everything in the ‘Verse, old and new. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself confused about various aspects along the way.

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