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REVIEW: 13th Moon Volume Two


REVIEW: 13th Moon Volume Two

Book Title: 13th Moon Volume Two

Book Description: A horror anthology with a good mix of interesting tales that are macabre in nature.

Book Author: Multiple

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: 123 Go!

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Multiple

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


The 13th Moon Volume Two anthology is a well-put-together exploration of the macabre in short story form. Fascinating tales find the perfect balance between art and writing to make something special. A very enjoyable read that will make you want more.

The stories in this collection are put together well. Too often, when you read an anthology of work, a lot of the pieces do not feel complete. All the stories in this volume were fully realized compositions. In the first story Mr. B.Knimble writer Phoebe A. Xavier tales a story in a scene I’m very familiar with and nails it with limited real estate. There was some confusing usage of different names for characters we were introduced to as someone else. It was written as if we knew who they were, but it made me read a couple of times to make sure I had it right.

Other standout stories were the second story and the one about the hunter. This preview edition wasn’t clearly noted who the writer and artist were for these tales, but they were well executed. The second story mixes love and ambition with the horror of losing it all. And the hunter chases a high that becomes his downfall. Exciting work.

The interior art is good. The different styles work well with their perspective stories and heighten the experience of each tale. Colors match the moods being set, and the angles were chosen well. At the time of this writing, the cover hasn’t been completed yet.

Volume Two of the 13th Moon anthology series presents really good stories, with interesting art and great writing. An excellent read for anyone, especially if you’re a fan of horror.

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