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REVIEW: The Black Jack Demon


REVIEW: The Black Jack Demon

Book Title: The Black Jack Demon

Book Description: Silas and his father Jonas, live on a farm in Oklahoma in the late1800’s. One night a blast from the family mine brings Jonas and Silas out to confront the trespassers onto their property. The unknown interloper brutally murders Jonas and takes his skin. Now Silas is on a mission to track and kill whatever killed his dad. Silas seeks the aid of an old family friend, Humphrey, to help him find and kill the one responsible for his father‘s murder. They eventually catch up to and corner the dark figure that skinned Silas’ father, only for it to attack and do the same to Humphrey. Now Silas is on his own to hunt the demon and avenge his father's death. Will he succeed on his own, find more unlucky help, or end up like Humphrey and his Pa?

Book Author: Nick Hermes

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Literati Press

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Nick Hermes

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


This comic is twenty-three pages long but seems shorter because of the smooth pacing and excellent storytelling. The story is promising and has the potential to become an exciting adventure and wastes no time getting straight into the action.  Through the use of color, angle, shadow, and depth, Hermes creates a dynamic world and action that is obvious and does not leave the reader guessing at what is supposed to be happening. Each character is distinct from one another and his grasp on anatomy is impressive.  The art and story remind me of  DC’s House of Mystery comics from the seventies which I am a big fan of. The art is clean and the color sets the mood in the night scenes very nicely. The page layout is simple and all but a few panels are square, but this does not take away from the story or art and Hermes uses the panel borders to allow the action to be dynamic and clear. The backgrounds are detailed and convincing but Hermes knows when to use little to no detail at times to help make the characters and action stand out.  Hermes has made me a fan of his art and storytelling skills. I can’t wait to see how this one goes, and if Silas survives his quest to avenge the death of his father by the demon he’s chasing.

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