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REVIEW: Cthulu Vs. Uncle Sam


REVIEW: Cthulu Vs. Uncle Sam

Book Title: Cthulu Vs. Uncle Sam

Book Description: The title to this one caught my attention right off the bat. As a lover of horror and an H.P. Lovecraft fan, I was pumped to read this story. Uncle Sam saves the life of a coward named Joe Jones from certain death by a group of Nazis during World war II as he and his partner Granny Gumshoe pursue an evil scientist, Count Orloff, who possesses a staff that will help him and his group of Nazi occultists summon Cthulu. After finding that the Count has escaped, Uncle Sam decides to take the coward Joe along for the adventure. Aboard Granny’s Airship, Joe is introduced to other members of her crew, her Granddaughter Lou and a talking dog named Jake. Joe wonders how it is that he’s found himself in the situation he now finds himself and Granny Gumshoe wonders the same thing in private, until Uncle Sam asks her to have some faith in his decisions, saying that there is more to Joe than she thinks. The adventure takes them to New York City, under Madison Square Garden, where Count Orloff ambushes them and takes Uncle Sam to a dimension where he is powerless against Cthulu, who Orloff has summoned to destroy Uncle Sam in order to take over the earth without a fight. Now its up to Joe to find the courage to enter the Irem dimension and find a way to save Uncle Sam before its too late. Will Joe save Uncle sam from the grip of Cthulu and save our world from ultimate destruction?

Book Author: Scott Harris-King

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Jay Piscopo

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


This is first and foremost a fun adventure story for those who love the over the top stories reminiscent of  comic books of the seventies and eighties and has somewhat of a  Hell boy feel. The Nazi menace coupled with the horror of Cthulu sets the reader up for some potentially great adventures, that I hope continue to get better as it continues.

The cover is an homage to Incredible Hulk  #141 which is a nice touch and would make it stand out on the shelf In your LCS. 

The interior art looks rushed and unfinished at times, but the cartoony style, which I personally prefer in my comics, could look outstanding if more detail was put into the drawing and the lines were tightened up some.  It’s sketchy and almost looks like roughs or thumb nail sketches as opposed to finished and polished art, but that may be the appeal for some people or a style decision by the artist. The colors look incomplete and almost a whole page is left black and white for some reason. I almost mistook it for the beginning of a flash back scene, and had to pause and look back a little to realize that it wasn’t.  The art and color are ok for a digital download, but I’d expect more if I was holding a printed copy in my hands. Overall though, I enjoyed the story and art and their potential to be a great book. 

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