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REVIEW: Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #3


REVIEW: Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #3

Book Title: Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #3

Book Description: Howling Henry is picking up the pace and he’s leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He was done wrong by his managers back in the day. Now they must atone for what they did. Meanwhile, Nita is doing some unofficial detective work to find out what happened in Anapolis all those years ago. She might be in over her head. As she gets closer to the truth things are getting more dangerous. Anansi, the god of stories and knowledge, has also taken an interest in what is transpiring. He’s going around Baltimore looking for information. Will he be able to make a difference? Time will tell.

Book Author: Rodney Barnes

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Image Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Well-Bee

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


As it progresses this story continues to do nothing but get better. I love how Mr. Barnes isn’t pulling any punches while shining a light on social issues from the darker chapters of American history, both in the past and modern times. 

We need more of this if we want to make true progress as a nation. Sitting back idly while books get banned for making people uncomfortable isn’t going to do the trick. Somewhere on most people’s family tree there’s a branch where someone was on the wrong side of history. Don’t hide from it. Learn from it and become a better person.

The covers that have been coming out for Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog have been outstanding. This one demands anyone who sees it to take notice. It tells us there’s a thrilling story inside and we have to investigate for ourselves.

There are no words to describe how well the interior artwork meshes with the story. The results are frightening and awe inspiring. The scene at the pool is stunning.

As a geek on a budget I can’t say enough about how much I am enjoying this series. It has a great plot. The nuggets we get about social justice are spot on. At the end of the day, Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog is well on its way to making my short list for the best book of 2022.

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