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REVIEW: Mysterium #1


REVIEW: Mysterium #1

3.52/5.0 Stars
Rating if the Book Were a Movie: PG-13

Creative Team:

  • Writer: Christina Blanch
  • Artist: Alexandria Monik
  • Colors: Nicholas Michael
  • Letters: Dave Lentz
  • Editor in Chief: Joshua Werner
  • Project Manager: Garrett Gunn
  • Publisher: Source Point Press


  • Story: 3.4 Stars
  • Artwork: 3.5 Stars
  • Cover Artwork: 3.6 Stars
  • Dialogue: 3.6 Stars
  • Mechanics: 3.5 Stars
  • Editing: 3.5 Stars 

About the Book:

“Mysterium” begins at Warwick Manor in late 1894. The Count and Countess are throwing a gala. As guests arrive the butler announces them. To the displeasure of the guests, the butler makes derogatory comments about many of them while in the presence of the Count and Countess. Later a magician is performing and has the butler come on stage. During the trick the butler is murdered.

When we fast forward to the spring of 1922 we learn that the butler’s murder was never solved. Anyone in attendance that fateful night is either dead or moved far away. After his family has a series of supernatural encounters Conrad MacDowell has enlisted the help of specialists to learn the truth about that night.

Reader’s Notes:

When Christina Blanch told me that she was working on “Mysterium” I was intrigued. I’ve played the game the story is based on. How would this story hold up to the source material?

I can answer that with two words: exceptionally well. The game is enjoyable. This story gives it meaning. The character development allows us to see why so many people would have a motive. The story gives us much better insight into the spirit of the game that gets lost when reading the instructions. I especially liked the knocking.

The artwork on the cover is a perfect fit for this story. Seeing Conrad performing the mystic arts is simultaneously relevant to the story while being a great teaser. The artwork on the interior pages matches the cover stride for stride. We get great lines and colors. I loved the facial expressions as the butler was making comments about the guests.

“Mysterium” hits all of the right notes. It has drama, humor, and intensity. As a geek on a budget I would highly recommend checking this one out!

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