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REVIEW: Legacy of The View # 3


REVIEW: Legacy of The View # 3

Book Title: Legacy of The View # 3

Book Description: The third issue of Legacy of The View, where Chaz Aka The View finally encounters the Pilot Howler for an epic battle in a close-quarter aerial situation!!!

Book Author: Curtis “Specks” Thompson

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Specks Vision Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Yusuph Shittuh

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Legacy of the View #3 continues the story of Chaz, a young superhero navigating high school and a career in the music industry while fighting crime in the city. It’s a solid story that has built a unique world and continues to improve issue after issue. This is definitely a title to watch with great art and worthy nemesis.

The story picks up after the last issue and does a great job moving the story forward. It’s written in a way that if this was the first book you picked up, you wouldn’t be lost, but for those who have been reading from the beginning, it is getting better and better.

From the beginning, the Legacy of The View series has been plagued with too much telling, not enough showing. It results in a story that can take you out of the world the creators are building. Legacy of The View #3 does the best job to date of moving the story forward with action instead of information dumps. Every single issue has gotten better. It is easy to see the growth of writer/ creator Curtis “Specks” Thompson.

Supernatural evil creatures, Superpowered kids, ninjas for hire, all in an urban landscape. It may seem outlandish on paper, but the way Curtis puts it together works very well. It’s flat-out fascinating and engrossing. In this issue, the writing is starting to live up to the potential the story has shown.

The cover art hits on every cylinder. It will definitely help sell the comic. The cover for Legacy of The View represents the story and is exciting and interesting. If you’re into action/ superhero comics seeing the cover for Legacy of the View #3 will make you pick up.

Speaking of art, Yusuph Shittuh’s work in this book is outstanding. The artwork adds to the story and has a style that works well for this type of comic. Yusuph’s work is exciting and unique enough to help this book stand out from most indie superhero stories; his work is that good.

The dialogue in this book feels natural. It will resonate as true, especially for people familiar with the current urban environment and slang. It’s one of the things that make it stand out. The language is specific but not insular. The characters have unique voices. They speak and react in a consistent way, and it has only gotten stronger with every issue.

The story is built really well and builds up tension. It has a great pace and feels complete as an individual issue but works well as a part of the ongoing story. This issue starts to tie peripheral characters into the fold. We begin to see what role they play in the overall story.

Editorially I’m glad they decided to exchange the bad language with symbols. I feel the slang may date this book over time, but it’s encouraging that it wasn’t as prevalent as the first two issues. This one decision can change the trajectory of this book for the better. It will expand the audience that can enjoy it, and it is more in line with the type of story Legacy of The View is telling.

Legacy of The View #3 does a great job of building on the first two issues while raising the stakes. It continually gets better with every new release. In issue #3, Legacy of The View is catching its stride. The art is excellent for the story. It is exciting and edgy enough to capture the imagination of a wide range of readers. And with the decision to take out the curse words, more kids will be able to enjoy this series that continues to reach new heights in every issue, definitely worth the read.

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