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REVIEW: Lady Frankenstein and the Mummy’s Brain #1


REVIEW: Lady Frankenstein and the Mummy’s Brain #1

Book Title: Lady Frankenstein and the Mummy’s Brain #1

Book Description: Lady Frankenstein and the Mummy’s Brain tells the tale of Dr. Bennet. When we first meet her she’s at a clinic in Rwanda helping a patient, much like what we would expect from Doctors Without Borders.

While Dr. Bennet is in the middle of a procedure with a patient, she is interrupted by a woman named Madame Uadjit that insists on having her proposal heard. When Dr. Bennet tries to explain that she doesn’t have time for this Madame Uadjit points out that she knows Dr. Bennet is practicing medicine under an assumed name.

Suddenly Dr. Bennet is quite receptive to the idea of having this discussion. We learn that Madame Uadjit is part of the Disciples of Thoth. She has seemingly unlimited funds and wants Dr. Bennet to work for her on a special assignment. Dr. Bennet respectfully declines the opportunity and leaves.

The next day Dr. Bennet finds herself no longer employed at the clinic because “someone” has threatened to cut the clinic’s funding. Whether she likes it or not, it seems her fate is tied to Madame Uadjit until this project is completed.

Dr. Bennet then goes to Egypt to meet the rest of the team and get brought up to speed on the project. There we learn that someone else has an interest in her work and that Madame Uadjit wants her to transplant the brain of an Egyptian Pharaoh named Kahotep into another body.

Book Author: Kevin M. Glover

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Scary Tales Publishing /Fractured Scary Tales

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Manuel Martin

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Lady Frankenstein and the Mummy’s Brain #1 is one of the treasures I stumbled across in my adventures at Lilac City Comic-Con. The cover reminded me of some of the classic EC horror books and I was all in for a curiosity voyage.

The outcome of parts of the story is somewhat predictable. As soon as we met Madame Uadjit we knew one way or another Dr. Bennet would be working for her. How we got to that point was the road not taken. I didn’t see some of the tactics Madame Uadjit used coming.

The artwork is solid. Like the cover, it has the nostalgic feeling of the old EC series. It’s a small thing; but I LOVED the newspaper style of paper and printing. It really helps set the tone for the story.

As a geek on a budget I feel like I definitely got my money’s worth. For $5.00 you get a fun mashup of Stargate, Indiana Jones, The Mummy (Brendan Fraser’s), and Frankenstein. I found it to be a fun, fast paced read.

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