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REVIEW: Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods #4


REVIEW: Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods #4

Book Title: Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods #4

Book Description: Michelle already suspected she was in over head with this job. Getting into Russia, infiltrating a secret base, and stealing a treasure from inside the belly of a kaiju is a dangerous undertaking. Going in she and her crew knew that they may not walk away from this one. They didn't really have a choice. Their options were to do this job and buy out the contracts a hitman was holding on them or be executed by the hitman. In other words, be killed or take a job that will probably kill them. The upside to taking the job is the wealth to be gained for surviving and completing the job. Everything was going smoothly, right up to the second it wasn't. Michelle's team had infiltrated the base and pilfered the treasure from the bowels of the beast. That's when all Hell broke loose. Dmitri, the team's contact inside the Russian base, had ulterior motives. He and a cult he was part of wanted Prodathu awakened. Once awakened, Prodathu would lay waste to humanity and restore order. Dmitri shoots T.G. and stops the sedative that was keeping Prodathu subdued. Now awake, Prodathu begins its rampage almost immediately. The first order of business is to break free of the ice. Sung is killed when the ice Prodathu was trapped in gives out. Sung may have been the lucky one. In the fourth installment of "Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods" we see Michelle is beside herself. She's lost half of her crew and certain death awaits her. Will it be death by kaiju, death by a Russian guard, or a simple case of exposure? None of these are pleasant choices. Glover gets Michelle to snap out of it and start thinking about survival. After some thinking, Michelle conjures up a plan. Getting in position for the plan will be dangerous. Executing the plan almost guarantees mutually assured destruction for Prodathu and any humans left at the base. When you're playing with the house's money, you've got nothing to lose, right?

Book Author: James Patrick

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: AfterShock Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Rem Broo

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


I’ve always said aside from coming up with a story people will want to read, the hardest thing about writing is having a good ending. By that I mean an ending that doesn’t leave the reader feeling cheated. No deus ex machina or “jumping the shark”. I mean an ending that is plausible and makes sense.The greats find a way to make a story come to a conclusion while leaving an opening for in the future. James Patrick accomplishes this with the final issue of “Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods”. 

We have a clearcut ending to this story, and the teaser of a story about Michelle’s adventures after everything that happened in Russia. I’m curious to see how others in the game will respond to her future endeavors. It promises to be interesting!

For eight issues it has been a pleasure seeing Rem Broo take what James Patrick is visualizing and put it to paper. The chemistry this creative team shares is special. I loved how the kaiju have been depicted in these series. Broo’s creations would make Godzilla tap out before the fight had a chance to begin.

I’m sorry to see this series wrap up. There was plenty of action and drama in the series. I enjoyed watching Michelle slide from being the costar to the leading role. She’s a fascinating character. Additionally, each book seemed to have a couple of lines in them that left me rolling with laughter. As a geek on a budget I don’t believe I could ask for much more than that.  

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