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REVIEW: Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods #2


REVIEW: Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods #2

Book Title: Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods #2

Book Description: In the first issue of “Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods” we saw that Michelle is still in the game. She had a huge share in the Florida caper; but that went to securing the freedom of her team. Since then they have been working smaller jobs. They pay. It’s not enough to get out of the game though. Michelle is propositioned about a job in Russia. It’s a huge job. Her team is being asked to steal an Aztec treasure. The problem is that treasure is currently in the belly of a sleeping Kaiju. In the sophomore installment we learn that Michelle’s team just can’t seem to stay off the radar. A hit has been placed on them. Through some finagling, Michelle has come to an agreement that can buy out the hit. However, they have to kill the hit man that is in pursuit of them. While dealing with everything about the hit man, Michelle starts to look into the logistics of this job. This job is much more complex than originally believed. They have to go through with it though. This job’s take pays to get the hit man off their tails.

Book Author: James Patrick

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: AfterShock Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Rem Broo

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


After reading this installment I can see some of the reasons Michelle’s team keeps finding themselves in a tight spot. They’re little fish in a big ocean. What’s more, they have a knack for running their mouths and pissing people off. In this line of business that’s a combination that makes people want you dead.

We learn a lot about Michelle in this issue. She truly cares about her team. She plays the role of mother hen and momma bear to a tee. She knows they have idiocincracies. Those traits are why she cares about them.

I like that the tradition of featuring a different character from the team that began with “Kaiju Score” has carried on with this series. Each of the characters has an interesting personality. They deserve their time to shine.

I liked how we got to see schematics of the situation the team is in as well as the Russian base in the artwork on the interior pages. It helps the reader see the scope of just how complicated things truly are. Knowing that it all comes down to one detail is staggering.

The original series, “Kaiju Score”, ended up getting a movie deal when it was all said and done. As a geek on a budget I don’t think we can expect anything but the same level of greatness to the follow up. It has intensity, action, and a cast of characters you can’t help liking.

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