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REVIEW: Infinity Agents 1 & 2


REVIEW: Infinity Agents 1 & 2

Story by: John Schlim Jr.
Art by: Joel Cotejar
Colors by: Isai Munake 
Letters by: Robin Jones

This ongoing series from Ovation Comics focuses on three agents from a small, internationally funded organization called Infinite Borders Security Agency (IBSA), a secret group of operatives who investigate alien encounters on Earth or in space (their jurisdiction has no boundaries). The agents,  DeRae Lattimore, Chloe Endicott, and Marshall Baxter, must engage a “superhero” who is powered by an alien exoskeleton. But their mission ends with more questions than answers, including some that challenged their sworn allegiance.

In the follow-up issue, the agents of the IBSA encounter a lifeform that defies description, triggering a tragic course of events that will drastically change their lives…and reveal the dangers of the Infinity Zone that threaten the entire universe!

Schlim does a fantastic job of weaving this story together in a way that keeps you engaged and informed, yet leaves the answers to certain mysteries just out of reach. The series reads like X-Files meets Men In Black meets Monster Squad. For me, it was the perfect mix of a new, unique story mixed with childhood nostalgia and told through sequential art! But, I really love a good sci-fi take!

Art – 1-star

Cotejar’s art and Munake’s colors bring a big studio feel to the series. The art is fantastic and really helps bring the story to life.

Story – 1-star

I said it above, Schlim does a masterful job steering the series and keeping it unique and fresh. The concept could easily land in the zone so many others do of being overdone and hackneyed. Schlim’s writing guides the story, always leaving just a bit unknown and leaving the reader guessing.

Dialogue  – .75-stars

The dialogue helps propel the story, dropping clues to the past and character personalities. We get to know the characters quickly by their dialogue without the need for a large info-dump that so many indies do at the beginning of their first issue. I will note that Agent Endicott’s dialogue could be refined. Being the only female in the cast of characters, her dialogue sometimes echoes the stereotypical “angry career woman”. Some revelations at the end of issue 2 help clear this up, and we’ll see how her character progresses moving forward.

Editing – 1-star

Well-edited, no noticeable grammatical or spelling errors.

Mechanics – 1-star

The story is structured very well and story mechanics are executed nicely.

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