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REVIEW: Caspian Porter


REVIEW: Caspian Porter

Story and Letters: Drew Lenhart
Illustrations and Colors: Juan Fleites 
Cover: Jonathan Wetmore 

Caspian Porter is a new six-do series from Drew Lenhart of SnowyWorks LLC. It should be said from the outset that I’m a big fan of sci-fi. My personal journey to nerdom started with comics, Star Trek, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (with an early foundation of The Empire Strikes Back). With that mix of dorkery, Caspian Porter hit just about every note of my personal geek-song.

Caspian Porter is the tale of, well, Caspian Porter, a cosmic delivery man of sorts who has a talent for drinking too much and screwing things up and his robot CRB. Issue 1 finds Caspian on the run from unknown pursuers when suddenly a wormhole opens in front of his ship. I won’t give any details from here, other than Caspian Porter from this point on takes on the feel of a classic sci-fi story with many twists and surprises.

Again, I don’t want to give many details, because I want you to back this book and experience it for yourself, but issue 0 gives a great set-up for issue 1.

Caspian Porter is a fantastic sci-fi tale, and I can’t wait for future issues. 

Story 1-star

Like I said above, I feel like this story was written for nerds just like me! It’s like a Han Solo inspired classic sci-fi tale with bits of inspiration from other classic sci-fi films and shows. It has a lot of potential at the end of issue 1 and I can’t wait to see where Lenhart takes the story!

Art .75-stars

The art is solid and consistent. Nothing to really blow you away, just solid sci-fi illustrations done well. The illustrations support the story and give glimpses into the future that Caspian Porter inhabits. With lots of classic references in the art, it definitely helps add to the book.

Dialogue .75-stars

The dialogue is done well, I especially enjoyed the exchanges between Caspian and CRB. Issue 0 adds some great insight into Caspian’s character through conversations with other characters. 

Mechanics 1-star

I read issue 1 before issue 0 was finished, the addition of issue 0 clears up a few lingering questions left by issue 1 and sets up the issue nicely. With issue 0 in place, the story and narrative mechanics are well structured to ensure a great reading experience.

Editing 1-star

Well-edited with no obvious grammatical or spelling errors.

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