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REVIEW: Eureka #1


REVIEW: Eureka #1

Book Title: Eureka #1

Book Description: Eureka is a town unlike any other. The town’s credo is “Making a better tomorrow today”. It was founded in 1947 by some of the greatest minds of the time. Now some of the greatest minds of the time call it home.

The majority of the population of Eureka works for a company called Global Dynamics (GD). GD is funded by the United States Department of Defense. It’s a mutually symbiotic relationship. The government gets new and interesting weapons, GD gets funding to develop technology that will change the world.

Thinking outside of the box isn’t encouraged in Eureka, it’s the status quo. As a result, from time to time experiments go a little haywire at GD. When that happens Sheriff Jack Carter and Deputy Jo Lupo step in to help maintain law and order.

In Eureka #1 there is a hostage situation at the high school. Carter’s daughter, Zoe, is being held at gunpoint. Carter goes into the building to negotiate while Lupo sets up a sniper’s nest.

Negotiations fall through. Carter tells Jo to take the shot. Even though she has a clear shot she’s not taking it. Carter ends up putting a round between the suspect’s eyes.

In the aftermath we learn that this individual is part of an experiment in the top secret division of GD. The experiment is some kind of wonderful because even after taking a bullet to the head, our suspect is able to unzip his body bag and go about his merry business.

Jo has to hunt him down, which she is reluctant to do. The suspect’s name is Eric Brogan. He served with Lupo in Afghanistan. She doesn’t want to have to do anything that could hurt him. Then they have a run in and she realizes she can’t hurt Eric, but he’s not opposed to hurting her.

Book Author: Andrew Cosby / Brendan Hay

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Boom! Studios

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Brendan Hay

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Eureka is based on the television series with the same name. The show aired in 2006 on the SciFi Network. It had a solid five year run with a lot of guest stars and cameos over that span. Most notably, Wil Wheaton and Stan Lee made appearances on the show.

The story in issue one is written and scripted in a manner that is very similar to the style of the television show. We have Stark and his condescension towards Carter. We have Carter oversimplifying a piece of tech with, “It’s a bubble gun!”. Best of all, we get to see a glimpse of Jo being a bit more personable, which didn’t happen often before Zane showed up.

The artwork on the cover may not jump out at anyone that isn’t familiar with the show. For those of us that are, this is absolutely brilliant! Carter is as out of place at a chalkboard with a collection of equations as Fargo would be on a pistol range. The key difference being Carter trying to solve an equation won’t likely end with someone going to the hospital.

I liked how well the artwork on the interior pages depicted the members of the cast. Vince holding the Eureka Fantasy League board gave me a good laugh. The real home run in this issue was seeing Lupo in Afghanistan. Those panels gave her character a lot more depth.

Eureka was a short series. It was a four book run telling one story. As a geek on a budget I went through www.MyComicShop.Com to scoop up all four books in one shot. The entire story will run about $10.00 before shipping. To me it was money well spent! If you’re looking for a good story with laughs that won’t make you cringe if your kids read it, this is a great one to go with!

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