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REVIEW: Eternus #1


REVIEW: Eternus #1

Book Title: Eternus #1

Book Description: The seven-issue Eternus, co-created by actor/director Andy Serkis and director Andrew Levitas, is inspired by myth and takes place in 360 AD, 30 years after the murder of Zeus in his own temples. Zeus' son, Heracles, is now a depressed drunk, while the old gods struggle to stay alive after decades of Christian disruption. When Athena's Temple is sacked by a mysterious Centurion in search of a relic once belonging to Zeus, the old gods are convinced this is Zeus' killer. Now Heracles must sober up and protect the only witness to identify the killer.

Book Author: Anastazja Davis & Don Handfield

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Thunder Comics/Scout Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Karl Moline

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


Eternus #1 takes us to a time when Christianity is overtaking the old Greek religion making the old Gods obsolete. As the new religion spreads and the ancient faith dies, the old Gods won’t give up without a fight. And into this fray, we, as the reader, are thrown right in the thick of it. We meet the last of the old Gods. Hear whispers of the new religion. And see champions on both sides fight for the supremacy of their beliefs.

The story is solid. Anastazja Davis and Don Handfeld weave multiple storylines in a way where you are never lost. The dialogue flows well. Eternus is easy to read and easy to follow. This first issue doesn’t build tension well. Even with everything we know is happening, it doesn’t seem urgent. The stakes are never raised. It’s an interesting premise, but nothing builds to heighten the experience. And it ends the first issue without urgency in the same place story-wise as it begins.

I like the Greek sayings that are sprinkled throughout the book. It helps immerse you into the world Anastazja and Don are building. The story and dialogue held their own. As the first issue, it had to do a lot of heaving lifting. It just doesn’t do it spectacularly.

The cover looks great. It has the look of an old movie poster. The cover has a sci-fi feel that doesn’t correspond with anything happening in the story. The interior art is strong as well. Easy to follow the action. Characters with expressive faces and good body proportion. One thing that struck me is that even though the art is drawn well, the style seems to clash with the action. It makes the scary not as scary, the violence not as violent, and the gravitas out of the serious moments.

Overall, Eternus #1 is a solid debut issue. Even though it doesn’t fully realize the premise’s potential as laid out. It’s still interesting enough to really want to know what happens next. The good story and art help make this an above-average book I definitely recommend.

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