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REVIEW: Dinosaurs vs Marsbots-1997


REVIEW: Dinosaurs vs Marsbots-1997

Storytelling, executed masterfully.

Book Title: Dinosaurs vs Marsbots-1997

Book Description: The world of Dinosaurs vs Marsbots(see Alec Sorbello’s review on this site) was introduced to us beginning in 1975 where we got the feel of the world the story is set in-not very different than ours, with the exception of the extraterrestrial detectives, which I guess also means, we have extraterrestrials in this world, it set up that there was an unseen, unspoken war- and there were people in the know, that were investigating and fighting this battle against otherworldly threats with their technology and mind-altering gas(you’ll understand when you read it). DvsM 1997 asks the question- what happens when someone who isn’t “in the know”, finds out?

Book Author: Gary Hodges

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Gary Hodges

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


As a kid I avidly read any book on unexplained phenomena that I could sneak in my backpack-The ones with the redacted information were always my favorites, because that’s where the “truth” was. I used to spend hours referencing the documents in one book to put all the pieces together. The books that are out thus far, dvsm 1975 and 1997- feels like the ink on page after page of secret government documents liquefied into actual footage of the unexplained stories of area 51.

DvsM 1997 is story driven to be sure. It speaks, through a very out there microphone, of a very human, very real truth- no matter how hard we run, no matter how much distance we create, our past can always catch up with us, sometimes we can use it as a tool, or a weapon-chaotic though it might be.

Gary accomplishes so much through his skill as a storyteller, and as an author, that’s the show that gets me through the door. The devil, however, is in the details- Yall, the artwork in this book is absolutely phenomenal.

Not a stone out of place. And nothing, nothing on earth-minus our only weapon against the extraterrestrial threat, is out of time. Gary’s art is a testament to the power of indie comics-a vision realized through his masterful black and white artwork. I could say so much more but I don’t want yall to read about this book, and miss the opportunity to READ THIS BOOK.

I know, 5 star reviews are rarified air, but the writing in this book, is the only thing that competes with the art, and the sum of both is greater than each of the individual components. It’s the Michael Jordan flu game, Steve Young hitting Jerry Rice, just over his shoulder, its prime Pedro Martinez- Titanic moments. . If you love sci-fi, this book is for you, if you love horror, this book is for you, and if you love comics, this book is for you. The writing is painfully relatable at times and the art is truly beautiful. DvsM might be the right set of eyes away from the Event Horizon. A certified indie heavy hitter. 5 stars, with my whole entire chest.

Right now, as of 5/19/2022 you can get DvsM 1997, and its predecessor, DvsM 1975 for the obscenely low price of 25 bucks at Gary’s etsy shop, linked below.


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