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REVIEW: DarkCat #2: Hunter and hunted


REVIEW: DarkCat #2: Hunter and hunted

Book Title: DarkCat #2: Hunter and hunted

Book Description: After a fruitless encounter with Cruz in the last issue in his quest for answers, DarkCat is looking for clues to help him solve the mystery of an event that has affected his family. This time Darkcat is headed to Congreso, to confront the tiger man, Taiger. Before he does, he stops in to check in with the hero of Congreso, Sol de Plata, after hearing that Sol and Taiger had a recent run-in. After a warning from Sol de Plata that Taiger is serious business and a more than formidable foil, Dark Cat begins the hunt, looking for clues, now, for the murderer of his brother.

Book Author: Leonardo Figueroa

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: UMC Comics

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Emiliano Urich

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


This book really pulled my interest level back up with the awesome Roger Goldstain cover, and in my initial flip through the art combination of Ulrich’s pencils and inks, with Roger Goldstain picking up the colors in the interior really works to give the art of the book an even more polished look. There were more new characters introduced, all with great design and concepts, but once I sank my teeth in this issue, I was left wanting just as much by the end of this issue, as I was in the last issue. New environments and personalities work as the trail for clues becomes more extensive, but I just feel like there’s more new stuff on every page, even as I am trying to get a feel for the main character, that I still haven’t been able to fully invest in yet.

There’s so many fun pieces in the sandbox that is DarkCat. You can tell that it could be looked to as the flagship of the UMC universe, and its all there- but issue 2 would really benefit from more space, and less matter. This issue jumped a few times chronologically, and each time it was hard to get back in the feel of the story. Each of the acts of this issue would have worked better, slightly expanded, even if it meant fitting less in this issue. An issue introducing us to Congreso, and truly giving a scale of how spectacular Sol de Plata is, so that we’d have a measuring stick to watch Darkcat’s growth. In close, while this issue is better than the last, it almost made the opportunities for improved execution stand out more.

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