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REVIEW: Captain Bitcoin #1


REVIEW: Captain Bitcoin #1

Book Title: Captain Bitcoin #1

Book Description: Captain Bitcoin begins hundreds of years ago by introducing us to a villain called the Timestealer. The Timestealer does just what its name suggests. It takes years off the lives of men to give itself sustenance. When we fast forward to modern times, we see that the amount of sustenance the Timestealer gains for each year stolen has greatly diminished. What used to provide six months of sustenance now supplies the Timestealer with six minutes. The main protagonist of the story is a man named Cal. Cal is a customer representative for an insurance company. It’s not the job he wants. It’s the one he needs to pay the bills for some debts that have accumulated over the years. We see the Timestealer hitting Cal. In the blink of an eye he’s lost over a year and is no closer to doing what he wants. Cal realizes there’s a problem and takes an impromptu camping trip by himself to sort things out. During the camping trip Cal meets a stranger in a cloak. The stranger explains to Cal that time is money. If Cal can find a way to make his money work for him he will have more of both. Cal takes the stranger’s advice to heart. Over time his debt is destroyed and savings are starting to flourish. When he reaches a point of feeling truly secure Cal goes to see his boss to tender his resignation. That’s when the boss is revealed to be the Timestealer and the ultimate battle truly begins.

Book Author: Christina Bagni and Maia T.R.

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: One Blue Land

Publisher Logo:

Illustrator: Carlos Eduardo Cunha

  • Story
  • Interior Art
  • Cover Art
  • Dialogue
  • Mechanics
  • Editing


“Captain Bitcoin” is the first comic book that I have ever seen that teaches children about finance. It may be an unpopular opinion but watching Uncle Scrooge doing swan dives into his money bin doesn’t count.

“Captain Bitcoin” shows us how a cycle of debt and interest keeps us moving like a hamster in a wheel if we don’t have a plan. Having a plan and putting it into motion are vital to stopping the Timestealer.

The cover is terrific. Personally I find it very fitting that the Timestealer reminds me of Doctor Strange. He was in possession of the time stone until Thanos came along and the Master of the Mystic Arts had bupkis for ideas on how to stop him.

The interior artwork is first rate from start to finish. It may sound silly; but I really liked the panels when Cal was camping. We don’t see a lot of people getting back to nature (without being on a mission) in comics.

I haven’t come across many small press publishers that go the extra mile with the quality of materials used for this issue. One Blue Land didn’t stop at materials though. Everything about “Captain Bitcoin” is easily at least on par with what it’s contemporaries from the “big two” are putting out. 

Like most things, if you have a higher level of quality in the creation of a product, you will see it when the item gets to retail. Physical copies of “Captain Bitcoin” are available at for $21.00. 

You see where your money goes with the quality of work; but at that price a geek on a budget like me flinches a bit. Fortunately, the good people at One Blue Land care enough about your financial education that they provide a free digital version that can be read through their website.

All you have to do is go to the website, search comics, click on any title below the videos, and enjoy! You will be taking your first steps towards defeating the Timestealer!

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