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  • REVIEW: The Shepherd: The Tether #1
    The Shepherd: The Tether #1 almost immediately separates itself from its contemporaries. There are very few titles that focus on souls/ghosts/spirits helping other souls cross over. I can’t think of any that involve a father/son team. I like this originality. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #scoutcomics
  • REVIEW: A.R.C.
    I loved how this story brings attention to how corrupt and convoluted the system is when it comes to poaching in Africa. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #imagecomics #topcowproductions
  • REVIEW: Pioneers: Blood & Stars #1
    Pioneers: Blood & Stars #1 is fascinating, yet eerily plausible premise. It has terrific artwork. It has characters that are very relatable. It has a great foundation that leaves me very eager to see where the story goes next! #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #pottyvillebooks
  • REVIEW: Smurfs 65th Anniversary
    The Smurfs have been a childhood staple for 58 years. That is a long time to be around, especially for a cartoon series.  Which says something about the quality of the cartoon itself. #indiecomicsreview #comicreviews #papercutz
  • REVIEW: I Hate Fairyland #5
    I feel for Gertrude. I’ve been in her shoes with a job. There’s nothing like completing a grueling project for your boss and being rewarded by being given the shaft. In retrospect, I regret not being more like Gertie in that situation. What’s worse is now Gertrude is trapped in Fairyland. She broke in. She’s not a guest. Getting back out isn’t going to be easy. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #imagecomics
  • REVIEW: Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter #1
    Having a story that focuses on Khazid’hea is a terrific concept. Aegis Fang, Icingdeath, and Entreri’s dagger are fascinating weapons in their own right. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #idwpublishing
  • REVIEW: Survival Street #2
    I love how Survival Street continues to not pull punches about our society and government. In the first issue we got a reminder that we have the best government money can buy. #indiecomicsreview #comicsreview #darkhorsecomics
  • REVIEW: X-Files: Deviations
    I liked the premise behind Deviations for a lot of IDW’s titles. It reminds me of the geeky conversations my friends and I had as well as some of the stories we got from What If… #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #IDWpublishing
  • REVIEW: Killadelphia #25
    This series is like an old friend you don’t see often. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last connected. You’re able to pick up right where you left off. There may be a couple big developments; but you learn about those quickly. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #imagecomics
  • REVIEW: Star Trek Picard: Countdown
    The collaboration of all the sources that went into this book series adds to the overall experience to make this series a great series, and then seeing the backstory about 2 characters who later appeared in the live action series added more depth to the existing story. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #idwpublishing
  • REVIEW: Tales from Nottingham #2
    I liked experiencing the thrill of the detective work Sheriff Blackthorne did on his quest to find the poacher. Interviewing witnesses, seeking out potential hideouts, and finally catching the culprit. What a rush! #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #madcavestudios
    Throughout this series I have always liked how Artyom Topilin has made the cover of every issue relevant to the story. The tradition continues with issue number six. I liked how we got a teaser of some of the characters we were about to meet. #indiecomicsreview #comicsreview #imagecomics

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