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Recent Indie Comic News and Reviews

  • REVIEW: If You Find This, I’m Already Dead #1
    As a geek on a budget I would say that “If You Find This, I’m Already Dead” is worth the price of admission. We get a fascinating story coupled with terrific artwork. I am very eager to see where this story takes us next. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #darkhorsecomics #fluxhouse
  • REVIEW: Unnatural Order #1
    With a wonderful plot twist out of the storytelling left field and it left me wanting to read more of the story #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #vaultcomics
  • REVIEW: Escape from New York #1
    Escape from New York starring Kurt Russell is a cult classic. While there was a sequel called Escape from LA, there is a time gap between the two movies, and we never knew what happened to Snake in the meantime.  This comic aims to correct that. #indieomicreviews #comicreviews #boomstudios
  • REVIEW: I Hate Fairyland, Vol 2 #11
    “I Hate Fairyland” is one of my favorite titles because the creative team does not take itself seriously. The title has become a reincarnation of “Mad Magazine”. We get to have some laughs and a social commentary of sorts. #indiecomicsreview #comicsreview #imagecomics
  • REVIEW: Plot Holes #2
    “Plot Holes” is unlike anything that I’ve ever read. The originality of its premise coupled with an outstanding cast of characters makes this geek on a budget believe that this is a must read story. #indiecomicsreview #comicsreview #massivepublishing
  • TFCON: LA 2024, Part Two- All The Fans… Roll Out!
    If you find yourself on the fence about an item. Don’t walk away. Weigh out your pros and cons while you have the item in your hands. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #tfcon #tfconla #tfcon2024
  • REVIEW: Kill Your Darlings #4
    As a geek on a budget I would say know yourself before reading “Kill Your Darlings”. The story is very dark in places. If you’re up for that, this title is well worth the price of admission. #indiecomicsreviews #comicreviews #imagecomics
  • REVIEW: Thundercats. #1
    The approach is wonderfully refreshing as it allows a person like me to just jump right in and proceed with the story. #indiecomicsreview #comicsreview #dynamitecomics
  • REVIEW: Oz: Kingdom of the Lost #2
    Dorothy shows us she’s the complete package in “Oz: Kingdom of the Lost”. #indiecomicsreview #comicsreview #zenescopeentertainment
  • TFCON: LA 2024, Part One – A New Hope
    The Transformers Convention in Los Angeles (TFCON: LA) is an event that makes its way onto my list of things I want to do every year. It doesn’t always happen. Last year finances made it unrealistic to make the trip to attend the con. Things didn’t look good for this year’s event, either. In September,… Read more: TFCON: LA 2024, Part One – A New Hope
  • REVIEW: Blue Book #3
    For those that are interested in extraterrestrial, alien life and visitation. Then this story fits that bill and is sure to leave the reader following the story and possibly even looking up the actual events that this story is based on. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #darkhorsecomics
  • REVIEW: Duke #2
    With its second installment “Duke” is shifting away from being a spy thriller. The path it is on seems to be putting it more in step with other G.I. Joe titles. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #skyboundentertainment #imagecomics

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