• REVIEW: Black Spartans Ch. 1
    I found this story intriguing, it covers a few genres in 1 story in terms of the great savior coming to the rescue. It has Magic, Druidism and the Hero has a giant cat for a mount! . #comicreview #manga #blackcomics
  • Award-winning Author, Brian Lambert, and Wingless Comics Blur The Lines Between Heaven and Hell
    As Justice tries to unravel his memories, Issue 3 sees him travel to the depths of the underworld. Will Justice survive a place where angels fear to tread? Previously unknown players reveal themselves and Justice comes face to face with his life prior to descending, but he finds strength in the most unlikely of places. . #comicnews #newcomics #comicbooks
  • Brace Yourself! Space Vikings Are Getting Into Action in an All-New Comic Book!
    This is the saga of Torhild Einarsdottir, a female Viking warrior. We meet her on a quest to avenge the death of her father. He fell in battle with the Saxons, another fraction kidnapped by Jotuns from Earth centuries ago to the planetary system called Jotunheim. And while the Vikings remained faithful to their traditions… they didn’t mind a bit of progress. . #comicnews #comingsoon #indiecomics
  • REVIEW: Final Boy #1
    The art is very solid and well-drawn, both the action sequences and the in car dialogue sections. The artist shows good use of differing presentational techniques such as perspective and close up versus long shot. The part that really stands out for me though is the killer dancing page where the use of equally sized panels along with the weird moves of the killer really sets it as something disturbing. . #comicbookreview #comicbook #smallpresscomics
  • REVIEW: 78 MPH
    “78 MPH” didn’t make it onto my radar until I saw it on the shelves at my local comic book store. It piqued my interest enough to want to go on a curiosity voyage. The story gets out of the gate with a solid start. The world is in a state of emergency with regards to weather and climate change. That’s not a stretch. . #comicreview #newcomics #red5comics
  • Broadcasts From The Dispatch: Exploring The Indie Comic Multiverse | S2:E20 – The Return of Broadcasts
    Brett and Brian are back! After a small hiatus The Dispatch is transmitting its signal once again! Brian and Brett discuss BFTD’s new format, schedule, indie comics, and the comic industry in general! . Broadcast From The Dispatch is a weekly live stream and podcast show produced by Indie Comix Dispatch that explores trends and […]
  • REVIEW: Reign of Chaos
    Overall the story and art are solid and could lead to an interesting series if you are into the real life meets gaming life scenario! . #comicnews #comicbooks #blackcomics
  • REVIEW: Samantha Fucks the World
    “Samantha Fucks the World” reads like a “special romance story”; but it’s not. There is full frontal nudity and a lot is suggested; but it’s not. There’s a plot in there once we get past the rapey robot stuff. . #comicbookreview. #comicbook #newcomics
  • REVIEW: One Last Job #2
    I read the first issue of “One Last Job” about a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it and was eager for more. I backed the Kickstarter campaign for the second issue as soon as it came out. It was worth the wait. . #comicreview #newcomics #spythriller
    From the popular podcast springs a special fan tribute comic that Dragon fans won’t want to miss . #comicnews #imagecomics #newcomics
  • REVIEW: Nottingham Free Comic Book Day Special 2022
    Finding the Free Comic Book Day Special of “Nottingham” at my local comic book store was a terrific surprise. Having just finished volume one, I was eager for more. Mr. Hazan doesn’t disappoint with this issue. . #comicbookreview #fcbd #comics
  • REVIEW: G.I. Joe: ARAH – Saturday Morning Adventures #3
    Mr. Burnham is hitting all the right nostalgic notes while giving us this story. I was surprised when we saw Duke back in the gladiator arena. Surprise was no longer adequate when the Fatal Fluffy appeared. This was better than seeing Darth Maul’s lightsaber had two blades! I was ecstatic. . #comicreview #gijoe #comicbooks