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  • REVIEW: Astronaut Down #5
    When I covered the first issue of Astronaut Down I saw the potential for greatness. It had my holy trinity of comics (plot, setting, and relatable characters) in spades. With the passing of each issue we got bigger morsels of drama as the stakes were raised. #comicreviews #indiecomicreviews #aftershockcomics
    Each story immerses you into the world they are trying to create, making you want to know both the backstory as well as where the story will go from that point.  That in itself is part of what made reading this book a pleasure. #comicreviews #indiecomicreviews #fairsquarecomics
    Savior is that connection for the preteen crowd. We get stories told to us in a way that is understandable,entertaining, and in a modern setting. It talks about God’s love and power. We see key players from the Bible. We learn a little bit about the Fallen. I would have liked a bit more story to go with all of the action. That withstanding, Mr. Kittrell has captured lightning in a bottle with this  title. #comicreviews #indiecomicreviews #adventcomics
  • REVIEW: Finding Dee, Vol. 1
    I respect the way Dee Fish handles herself in these situations as the story progresses. I would not be able to handle myself as gracefully. Dee has plenty of justification to use Finding Dee as a platform to make a political and social statement. She doesn’t though. She brings awkward moments she’s had to light while keeping the high ground. That is very commendable. #comicreviews #indiecomicreviews. #unlikelyheroesstudios
  • REVIEW: Ivory Ghosts #4
    I discovered Ivory Ghosts in the summer of 2022 and instantly loved the title. Four issues later I’m still loving it. This is a title that does not disappoint. It has drama, action, and excitement. Best of all, it has the benefit of being based on the autobiography about the author’s experiences! Why learn history from a textbook when you can learn about what was happening from someone that was there?! #comicreviews #indiecomicreviews. #kymerapress
  • REVIEW: Sacrament #3
    The covers we have gotten for Sacrament have been unbelievably powerful. There isn’t a better way to demonstrate the father’s plight than to see him praying with a demon just waiting to pounce. #comicreviews #indiecomicreviews
  • Breaking In as a Graphic Novelist – Part 2
    Welcome to Part 2 of the Breaking In as a Graphic Novelist roundtable. You can find Part 1 right here. This roundtable features a diverse range of creators, from a new voice making the leap with her first OGN, to several creators with a couple of published books to their credit, to a couple of […]
  • REVIEW: Groo: Gods Against Groo #1
    The whimsical style Groo is drawn in is part of what makes him so great. He doesn’t get such vivid detail that even his abs have abs like a lot of characters we see now. He doesn’t need to be the most powerful man in the universe to be a fascinating character. The artwork for this title hits it out of the park by letting Groo be Groo. #indiecomics #comicsreviews
    Skottie Young’s writing style for I Hate Fairyland has always been perfect to me. In Fairyland we get a tempo and dialect all unto itself. The creative ways Mr. Young allows Gertrude to use profanity without actually swearing is good for tons of great laughs. I loved when the fourth wall was broken when talking about this subject. #indiecomics #comicreviews #imagecomics
  • REVIEW: Grandma Chainsaw #1
    This is a book that you will not forget. As a geek on a budget I believe that Grandma Chainsaw is worth the price of admission. We get outstanding artwork, some laughs, and a story unlike any you’re likely to find anywhere else. #comicreviews #indiecomicreviews
  • REVIEW: Grimm Spotlight #11
    Mr. Franchini does not disappoint with this rendition of Ms. Monroe. She demonstrates all of the qualities that make her one of my favorites. Additionally, we get to see just how loyal she is to her friends. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews #zenescopeentertainment
  • REVIEW: Legend of the Shaders #1
    “Legend of the Shaders” quickly pulls the reader into the story. It’s easy to grasp the setting. Our primary characters, Camille and Kennerly, are instantly relatable with their conversation about invisible owls. Kennerly reminds me of my friend, Bambi. #indiecomicreviews #comicreviews

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