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THROWDOWN- The Last Templar Vs. Absolver


THROWDOWN- The Last Templar Vs. Absolver

The Indie Comic Throwdown is a monthly feature pitting two indie comic character against one another. Fans vote to decide who wins! Learn more about the Throwdown Here.

Read about The Last Templar and Absolver Here.

The Last Templar walks into the abandoned warehouse with his gun high.  It’s dark, almost so dark he can feel it.  Each step further inside takes him down a path he’s traveled many times before. 

Wind whistles past his ears and suddenly the walls feel too close.  Another rush of wind and he looks up, just in time to see Absolver.  Dropping from the ceiling, like a bat letting go of a stalactite, Absolver drops down on The Last Templar.  They both spill to the ground and the Last Templar’s gun is lost in the fall.  Absolver leaps on top of the Last Templar again.  His movements are feral, powerful, but ultimately unbalanced.  They give the Last Templar the moments he needs to create distance and unsheathe his longsword. 

Absolver lunges at the Last Templar, who pivots away.  The Last Templar evades the beastly attacks that rain down on him from obtuse angles, powered by the intense rage that fuels Absolver. Templar finally gets Absolver in close, right where he wants him.  Thinking his legacy of battle gives him the advantage in close quarters, The Last Templar briefly revels in cornering his foe.  Only when Absolver grabs the side of The Last Templar’s head, does he realize his mistake.  Images of the many lives and days without number flash across The Last Templar’s mind.  He feels his strength leaving him and his eyes get heavy as an ocean of memories travel from him to Absolver. 

Absolver witnesses the very memories that brought him here.  The death and destruction that called out to him for vindication.  As he drops The Last Templar’s unconscious body to the ground, Absolver feels a power unlike any other he’s felt before.  He’s taken the experience, wisdom, combat prowess, and will of not only the Last Templar himself.  Absolver has gorged himself on the essence of the brotherhood of warriors and knights that the Last Templar inherited.  Absolver is a lone beast in the tall grass no more.  He’s an apex predator with centuries of skill and nothing but time in front of him.

Winner: Absolver

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