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The Campaign Corner: April 2nd Edition


The Campaign Corner: April 2nd Edition

This week’s Campaign Corner features Zombies and Aliens! Who could ask for more?!

Immortal Era

Aaron: Thanks so much for joining us, and being willing to take the time to talk about your project. Before that, introduce yourself to our readers.

Edward: Thanks so much for having me. I am Ed Davis the writer and creator of the Immortal Era comic series. This is my first comic series to date. I am also the father of two amazing daughters and have been married to my lovely wife for 20 years. 

Aaron: Alright, give us the elevator pitch for Immortal Era!

Edward: Immortal Era is a post apocalyptic fantasy that takes place 200 years in the future in a world where humanity can no longer die. Join our heroes on a quest where the only way to save humanity is to kill them. 

Aaron: Who is involved on the creative team, and where might people have seen their work before?

Edward: I am lucky to be working with an amazing creative team featuring Cezar Oliveira on pencils and inks. Viviana Spinelli on colors. Both have worked on the independent series Scorpio by John Robinson IV. In addition, Viviana has worked as a colorist assistant for Eren Angiolini (Warhammer 40k, Dr. Who).  Manny Hernandez is the letterer  He has previously worked on the books Youth, and Act 1 for the band The Dear Hunter, by Alex Dandino and Evan Peter. The editors are April Davis, and Tony Pipitone. This is the first series for both of them.

Aaron: What does this story mean to you, not just as a creator, but to you personally?

Edward: This story means a lot to me personally because it is a story that I have been working on for over 20 years. Through those years, there were many times that I feared that the story was just going to die in my head. It means a lot to me to finally get this story out into the world.

Aaron: What else can you tell us about your campaign?

Edward: This is my third campaign on Kickstarter. I will be offering lots of great items including shirts, hats, posters, CGC copies of the first three issues, and some original pages of Cezar’s artwork.

Aaron: What does the next year look like for you in comics?

Edward: Next year, I hope to continue the story of Immortal Era and release my first trade. I also hope to release the first work by a new author on Finish Line Comics.

Aaron: Thank you for coming on and talking about your current works. I am looking forward to seeing what is next!

Gl’urk & Bo

Greg: Who is involved on the creative team, and where might people have seen their work before?

Ben: The primary creative team, Taylor and Ben, are making their “self-published” debut, with Gl’urk & Bo. Taylor is a painter, sci-fi writer and musician.  Ben is a media producer, audio engineer, and also a musician.  Both are based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Writer – Taylor King, 
Editor/Publisher – Ben Napier, 
Pencils/Inks – Tom Hoskisson – Tom has worked on other successful Kickstarter books like “Torch: Reclaim the Skies” and “TimeSchmucks”
Colors – JimmyG – Jimmy has worked on some other great projects like “Rose Society” and “Leon” 

Greg: Who are some of your biggest creative influences?

Ben: Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Phillip K Dick, and Douglass Adams, are among Taylor’s Influences, though they are all balanced by a definite “Heavy Metal Magazine” influence, on the world of Gl’urk & Bo. 

Greg: What is your favorite reward item for this campaign?

Ben: I’m partial to the 2 pack, because it makes it easy for new readers to get caught up on the story thus far! 

Greg: What does the next year look like for you in comics?

Ben: We’re putting together an anthology of stories from our Sci-Fi Universe, to be released after Gl’urk & Bo’s first arc is finished, and so we’ll be working on Gl’urk & Bo Issue #3, and once that is scripted and laid out, we’ll be working on the anthology stories, and starting to look for the right artists to pair with which stories. 

Greg: Shipping rewards…let’s talk about it. What  are you charging for shipping? Is it included within the rewards or using backer kit or an Alternative?

Ben: We’re charging shipping fees on the campaign, and we’re using media mail, so we’ve got the lowest shipping rates we could figure out how to get, at $3, for US Backers. Sadly, for international backers, that same minimum is around $25. 

Greg: What are your plans for the future of this story and/or series?

Ben: Gl’urk & Bo will be a 6 Issue limited series, so there will be 4 more issues of their misadventures. After their story ends, we have other connected sci-fi stories, which we are currently developing and hoping to put out in an anthology collection, after the conclusion of the first Gl’urk & Bo story arc.

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