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The BlerDCon Experience


The BlerDCon Experience

Blerdcon. This was big. No, that isn’t right. It was EPIC. Blerdcon is an experience all in itself. Allow me to start from the beginning as I am still basking in the afterglow of this colossal event. Honestly, I was on the fence about going this year due to a little thing called “COVID-19”. Some may remember that last year’s con was cancelled because of it. Thankfully this year, the Powers That Be brought back Blerdconon the conditions that attendees always wore masks and showed proof of their vaccination. And before you ask, yes, some people were turned away for showing fake cards or ones on their phone…

So, anyway!

No matter how many times you go, it always feels like the first time. Especially when you pull up to the Hyatt Regency Crystal City and see all those cosplayers outside getting their loaded trunks out of the car. And then if that does not convince you thenthere is the long registration line! To me that says one thing: home. The popularity of this particular con speaks to the acceptance it affords ANYONE attending. Yes, Blerdcon is for POC but not at the cost of excluding others. It is not what they are all about. Seeing so many cosplayers of different ethnicities was quite a heady sight to behold! 

Full disclosure: I spent a great deal of my time in Artist Gallery as I am a Creator myself. A bit biased, I know, I know. It is also where I conducted a vast majority of my interviews. Although what seemed like the entire hotel was cram packed with Blerdcon enthusiasts. The arcade downstairs stayed busy and the panels were well attended. At some point, I would love to attend said panels, but hey. A guy can dream, right?

About those interviews… As mentioned on our site, the audio is craptastic, and for that I apologize. We’ll be better next time. Promise. With that said, I had the pleasure of interviewing a fine smattering of cosplayers and creators. It meant a lot for them to take time out of their hectic schedules to listen to me channel my inner Brenda Starr. I met with Dana Holmes, MC Brooks, and Row Rinnegan, all three prolific cosplayers of note and renown. They got into cosplay as they have been blerds before there was even name for it. Unapologetic. Creative. Innovative. Their love and passion speaks to the essence of what being a blerd is all about. I went from lowkey to highkey wanting to cosplay myself! If you want to continue following their cosplay adventures, they can be reached at:

Dana Holmes:

  • FaceBook – Dana.Holmes1
  • IG – nycplayboy78

MC Brooks:

  • Facebook –
  • Twitter: @MC_Brooks
  • IG: @_mcbrooks

Row Rinnegan:

  • FaceBook & IG- sakamotoghoulcosplay

On the last day of a lively jam-packed weekend, I spoke with some comic book writers you might have heard of. Does Greg Anderson Elysée, TJ Sterling, and Jon Romireo ring any bells? I thought they might. It felt great being in the presence of comic book writers who are committed and married to the craft that I, too, enjoy. The common denominator that I gleaned from interviewing them was the determination and passion to continue down this path. Full disclosure: It is not for everyone, and not for the faint of heart. Sharing stories can be hard and deeply personal. Imagine that times infinity for rit. These three storytellers are well on their way and can be found at:

Greg Anderson Elysée:

T.J. Sterling:

  • Twitter & IG: @raecomics

Jon Romireo:

I encourage those reading this follow everyone I interviewed. They represent the very best of what Blerdconhas to offer. Especially if you have a desire to follow in their steps of being a cosplayer and/or comic book writer.

In closing, I will recommend blerds to come out in full force to attend next year’s event. I also encourage the cosplayers to register for the contest. There is no reason for such talent to go unappreciated and unacknowledged. Especially considering there seems to be some type of cosplay winner scandal virtually every year. This space was meant for YOU. Show them who you are.

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Hailing from Long Island, NY, Malachi Bailey is an avid reader and self-professed Blerd. Ever since he was a kid, he had been a huge fan of and an appreciation for comics books. This opened him to the world of science fiction and fantasy, a genre he still loves. Recently, he has been writing more Black Speculative fiction as the genre continues to grow and expand. The release of his first book, HER, will be the first of many. Also affiliated with Wingless Comics, his heroine has made the jump to comics!

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