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Rob Williams Creates Epic WWII Horror Series Filled with Nazis and Vampires, Called OUT


Rob Williams Creates Epic WWII Horror Series Filled with Nazis and Vampires, Called OUT

Indie comic book publisher Artists, Writers, and Artisans (AWA Studios) is teaming up AWA Studios veteran creators Rob Williams (OLD HAUNTS, JUDGE DREDD), Will Conrad (RED BORDER, JUSTICE LEAGUE), and Marco Lesko (CHARIOT) to bring you a new horror series, OUT. Described as THE GREAT ESCAPEmeets 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, this series will be in stores on October 6th, 2021 in time for Halloween with two covers by Tim Bradstreet and Mike Deodato Jr. AWA Studios recently made headlines for striking a deal for a big screen adaptation of their recently published series CHARIOT.

Rob Williams says, “Imagine you’re a prisoner in THE GREAT ESCAPE, but there’s a monstrous vampire hiding somewhere in the camp with you. An impossible-to-escape-from castle on the highest cliffs in Bavaria and a battalion of Nazi soldiers are stopping these Allied soldiers from getting out. But something in there is eating them alive, one by one. So, escape or die.”

Writers have long drawn on experiences of war to explore themes like race, power, and human behavior. The stories that have addressed these and similar issues with unprecedented candor and realism, even through graphic fiction, can be not only entertaining but powerful. Afterall, AWA Studios CCO Axel Alonso adds, “Nazism can’t be safely relegated to history, can it? The spark is alive and well. As for the art, Rob and I immediately agreed that Will’s naturalistic style would be perfect for the story, making it more visceral and real.”

“Will Conrad’s art conveys that amazing-looking realist style of a Brian Bolland or a Travis Charest. He’s done a phenomenal job of bringing this disparate cast of characters to life. OUT is an ensemble piece in the style of John Carpenter’s THE THING and we want you to care about these men as they’re cruelly picked off. Will’s made absolutely sure that happens,” says Rob.

The entire all-star team has worked on previous projects at AWA Studios under the guidance of Vertigo and Marvel veteran Axel Alonso. This will be their first project together under the AWA Studios banner. Rob commented that, “It’s a treat to be back with AWA after such a great experience on OLD HAUNTS. Really enjoy working with Axel Alonso and the team and being able to go full bloody horror with them again.”

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OUT debuts on October 6th, 2021. Below, Tim Bradstreet and Mike Deodato Jr.’s covers for issue #1, as well as preview pages by Will Conrad and Marco Lesko and official solicitation.

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