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Tangled River Kindle Edition Now Available


Tangled River Kindle Edition Now Available

Amazon.Com is now offering a $4.99 Kindle edition of the graphic novel Tangled River. Tangled River is a 316 page color science fiction graphic novel; story and art by Michael Cohen writing under the pseudonym snowshadow. It tells the story of Tanya, a young teenager growing up on an island outpost on a distant planet called Mehra.Tanya is the offspring of space pioneers who traveled from Earth decades ago to found Earth’s first interstellar colony. The settlers attempted to create a new society, only to have all their technology mysteriously fail shortly after their arrival. Over the course of the book, Tanya learns the story behind the event that forced the settlers to live a primitive lifestyle.

Michael Cohen’s other comic book work includes the Strange Attractors series and the ongoing A Gathering of Spells webcomic.

About Michael Cohen

Cohen is an American cartoonist living in Italy, who self-published various comics in the ‘90’s. Tangled River is his latest graphic novel project. He’s currently working on A Gathering of Spells.

Previous comic work includes:

  • Co-writer/artist of Strange Attractors, a science fiction comic which ran for 17 issues 1993-1995.
  • Editor and publisher of Mythography, a fantasy anthology which ran for 8 issues in 1995-1997. He also did the covers and wrote and drew an ongoing fantasy story “Empyrean Tales”.
  • Editor of Forbidden Book from Renaissance Press, an anthology of short stories about magic, which ran for 2 issues in 2001-2002. He also did the cover art and wrote and drew several stories.
  • Editor of the Amelia Rules comic from Renaissance Press 2000-2005.
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