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Silverline Comics launches crowdfund campaign for third flip book with Twilight Grimm #2 and Friar Rush #2


Silverline Comics launches crowdfund campaign for third flip book with Twilight Grimm #2 and Friar Rush #2

Silverline’s stellar supernatural stories continue with the second installments of Twilight Grimm and Friar Rush. These titles mix horror, sci-fi, and vampire hunting with page-turning storytelling that picks up where their debut issues left off.

“It’s both frustrating and exciting,” said Roland Mann, Silverline’s EIC. “It would be nice to focus a crowdfund campaign on a single title, but the truth is we’ve got so many exciting projects happening, there aren’t enough weeks on the calendar to crowdfund them as they’re done. We have to do two at a time just to keep up with all the fun comics we’re making.”

Keeping with the Silverline Comics crowdfund model, Friar Rush #2 and Twilight Grimm #2 are finished and ready to print. The campaign is live on Kickstarter at 

Peace exists between the humans and vampires in Twilight Grimm, but it’s unraveling quickly. Hallowed Heights’ “Blood Zone” threatens to pour into the safe haven established decades ago, and lawlessness will certainly bring ruin to all. One brave soul stands against this onslaught to protect those he loves. Comic book legends R.A. Jones and Rob Davis continue their amazing story for Silverline Comics. They bring decades-spanning, prolific careers as they continue this gripping story. They are joined by colorist Mickey Clausen and letterer Mike W. Belcher.

Friar Rush #2 puts readers back on the streets of New Orleans as journalist and failed seminarian Jake McGlover teams up with an immortal Seraph, and dives headlong into the mystery of a murdered priest and attempt to foil his demonic plot against humanity. The creative team for Friar Rush consists of writer Sidney Williams, penciller Aaron Humphres, inker John Martin, colorist Jeremy Kahn, and letterer Brian Dale.

Silverline is a genre spanning independent comic book and graphic novel publisher. The kickstarter for Twilight Grimm #2 and Friar Rush #2 runs March 11 through 28. Both stories contain 24 pages of story and art.

###Twilight Grimm and Friar Rush trademarked and copyright by their respective creators.

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