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The Campaign Corner: March 19 Edition


The Campaign Corner: March 19 Edition

Driving all of our focus onto one project today. It needs some help getting to that funding goal, so make sure you check it out!


Aaron: We could dive right in, or we could start off with the penultimate question… who are you?

Aaron W: Hello Aaron, I’m Aaron (2.0). A British writer, now living in Kentucky. I started out writing screenplays for features and TV, which is how ENENRA originally began. If I’m not gaming (division 2, or cyberpunk 2077), I’m usually tapping away at the keyboard writing.

Aaron: Tell everybody a bit about your project and what it is all about.

Aaron W: ENENRA is both a post and pre-apocalyptic horror. The first part of each issue shows a glimpse into the future, following a survivor and his 4-legged companion as they struggle in a horrifying world.  

The main story begins when flight BA432 enters Heathrow airspace. Despite all attempts to make contact failing, the airliner is allowed to land. We follow Doctor Richard Marron and his team as they enter the aircraft. Discovering her terrifying secret, they try to understand and stop the deadly virus contained within, before it’s too late.

Aaron: What is your creative process like?

Aaron W: Once an idea pops into my head, I generally write a brief 1-2 page treatment. After this, I’ll write a more detailed outline, allowing me to move and alter scenes more easily. Once happy, I’ll use the outline to write each issue.

Aaron: Who are some of your biggest creative influences?

Aaron W: Generally speaking I’m still a newbie when it comes to comics. The first novels I read were Magician, by Raymond E.Feist, and The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. These brought me into writing, along with friends being tired of me complaining about the latest movie we watched – telling me to write one better if I could. In comics, I’ve loved Saga, and Hellblazer (for once the Brit isn’t the bad guy, lol).

Aaron: What else can you tell us about your campaign?

Aaron W: There is a FREE 12-page teaser link from issue-1 on the story page of the Kickstarter. There are reward tiers for everyone, new and returning fans alike. With issues 1&2 already complete, the Kickstarter campaign is to fund production and printing of 3&4, with anything extra going directly into 5 and onwards. There are also some FREE add-ons, supplied by some truly awesome creators. That’s 5 additional comics!  

KS Link: 

Aaron: What does the next year look like for you in comics?

Aaron W: The next year is very exciting. After ENENRA’s Kickstarter (fingers crossed), I’m putting the finishing touches to a samurai revenge tale, another graphic novel, which I’m hoping to get the first few pages complete so I can start submitting, possibly leaning towards a Kickstarter in the future. I’m also writing the sequels to a dark fantasy novel, and a science fiction novel. Busy, busy lol
Thank you for coming on and talking about your current works. I am looking forward to seeing what is next!

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