Star Cross Comics proudly presents their newest comic book release, The Tribulation TaskForce. 

The Tribulation TaskForce tells the story of a young Hispanic man named Hector. An average young  man, Hector gets the surprise of his life when he is chosen by God to form a team to rescue the  Apostle John, who is being held captive in Vatican City. 

The Tribulation TaskForce chronicles their fight against Apollyon, who may the man known as the  anti-christ. 

Written by Bill Raupp, with art by some of Indie comics’ best artists, the is 24 pages of superhero  action and fun! 

Along with the debut issue, there are currently 6 issues set in the Tribulation TaskForce universe,  which can be purchased at 

We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo for Tribulation Taskforce: Secret  Files #1-3. 

The Tribulation TaskForce also offers a fan club through their website ( ). Members receive an exclusive trading card for joining, and monthly mail-order gifts every month!