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Reggie Byers’ SHURIKEN! The Return of the 1980’s Manga Inspired Series


Reggie Byers’ SHURIKEN! The Return of the 1980’s Manga Inspired Series

After 30 years, the manga inspired comic book series, SHURIKEN is being resurrected by original creator Reggie Byers.

SHURIKEN was created by Reggie Byers in 1985 in an attempt to create an American manga scene in the US. Though the title was initially action-oriented, the title slowly became character driven (“shojo” style manga). To please the “shonen” (action-oriented crowd), Byers created a second Shuriken series, Blade of Shuriken (published by Eternity comics).

The original series featured the story of Kyoko Shidara, a member of a group of assassins, but she functioned in the capacity of a bodyguard. The first four issues of the nine issue run focused on a conflict between her and a long lost twin brother who worked for the Yakuza.

The first issue sold over 20,000 copies, a major feat for a small run black and white comic book at the time.

The final issue of a third SHURIKEN series concluded in November of 1991.

Reggie Byers is launching a Kickstarter campaign on July 21st to fund publishing the first issue of a new series that he is releasing in November.

The newly created series, “Reggie Byers‘ SHURIKEN” will be a reboot of the original four issues’ storyline from 1985-86. It will be written and illustrated by Byers and colored in black, white & red.

The author/artist, Reggie Byers has created comic books professionally since 1985. His works include Shuriken, Robotech (Macross, Mospeda), Kidz of the King, Crescent and Jam Quacky.

The Reggie Byers Art Studio

Philadelphia, PA

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