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Postmasters: Live by the Letter launches on Kickstarter


Postmasters: Live by the Letter launches on Kickstarter

The mail never stops, so neither can he. Postmasters: Live by the Letter is the newest collaboration of the acclaimed comic-writing duo Garrett Gunn (Warcorns, Good Boy) and Dr. Christina Blanch (Broken Gargoyles, Good Boy) launching on Kickstarter today.

In a Post-Pandemic America, one of the only things still remotely functioning is the mail. But with mass casualties to their ranks, the postal service has been forced to adapt to a consistently more aggressive set of routes with less and less carriers to service them.

The world of Postmasters: Live by the Letter is brought to life by Artist Ruben Mocho and Letterer Dave Lentz.

“Ruben is a dream to work with. His manga-inspired art style brings brutality, vision, and an epic perspective to Postmasters that we could never have imagined. That art is expertly paired with the letters and design work of Dave Lentz. Dave is a brilliant letterer and his sense of layout and design puts a bow around the entire project,” says Gunn.

Postmasters: Live by the Letter introduces 32, one of the last remaining Postmasters, as he sets out to deliver a one-of-a-kind letter in this oversized, 48-page first issue. Rugged terrain, highway robbers, and The Wicked all stand between 32 and his destination. But he knows the motto. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night will stay the swift and timely completion of his assigned route.

Postmasters is a book of fiction holding very real and very scary truths. According to Gunn, the concept of Postmasters arose during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, when he returned to the public sector and took up a job at his local post office.

“I witnessed firsthand the incredibly daunting task presented to mail carriers on a regular basis, and even without the struggles of a worldwide epidemic, the sheer demanding nature of their duties would crush so many people,” says Gunn.

Backers of the Postmasters: Live by the Letter campaign will have access to all sorts of Kickstarter exclusive content like the Metal KS Exclusive Cover and the Metal Keycard Replica as seen in the comic.

Postmasters: Live by the Letter launches on Kickstarter today, Nov. 23 at 11 a.m. PST, and lasts until Dec. 14, 2021, with a $10,000 funding goal. If funded, it will be published by Source Point Press. Founded in 2012, Source Point Press is a midwest publisher of books, comics and graphic novels such as Cult of Dracula and Monstrous. Source Point Press is a division of Ox Eye Media.

Visit for more information. Email for inquiries or interview opportunities.

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