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Mad Cave Studios Heads to SPX


Mad Cave Studios Heads to SPX

SPX 2022 is the debut of LOWER YOUR SIGHTS, the Ukraine Benefit Anthology!

Mad Cave Studios is headed to Bethesda, MD, for Small Press Expo 2022 (Sept. 17-18). Join Senior Editors Lauren Hitzhusen and Chas! Pangburn at Booth #G1, check out Mad Caveand Maverick favorites as well as the debut release of Lower Your Sights, the Ukrainian benefit anthology, featuring celebrated creators including Eric Paliki, Matt Kindt, Jim Zub, Kevin Cuffe, Bob Frantz, Joe Corallo, and more! The collection also includes exclusive art pieces and write-ups from numerous Ukrainian illustrators; focusing on the consequences of war, the peace/relief effort, and mental health. 

This year’s Small Press Expo will also see the debut of our newest young adult title, from our Maverick imprint, In the Shadow of the Throneby Kate Sheridan (Flash Gordon, Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake) and artist Gaia Cardinali (Disney’s Mulan’s Adventure Journal: The Palace of Secrets).

When his younger siblings and parents begin to irritate him on vacation, Jordan tries to get some space. But instead of wandering around the museum, he finds himself dropped in a fantasy world of magic where he can finally have some fun and train to become a knight. Except Prince Astel and Sir Griffith are about to uncover a sinister secret kept hidden by the Queen that’ll thrust Jordan in the middle of a magical battle he never could have anticipated.

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