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Lady Mayhem Launches on Kickstarter


Lady Mayhem Launches on Kickstarter

Comic writer and screenwriter, and artist/co-creator Karl Slominski and Jenna Lyn Wright have just launched the Kickstarter for a 64-page one-shot called LADY MAYHEM. Already 90% funded in our first week, LADY MAYHEM is currently live on the Kickstarter platform.

LADY MAYHEM: After her father passes away under suspicious circumstances, a mysterious woman returns to the crime-ridden city she fled decades before, only to discover that he was the bookkeeper for a nefarious enterprise that’s risen to power while she was away. The government, the police, the city is theirs. But now she knows their strengths, their weaknesses, and their secrets, and bloody vengeance will be hers.

“It’s a 90s-style, blood-soaked vigilante revenge tale. Basically, I wanted to write a lady PUNISHER comic,” said Wright of the project.

Wright previously co-wrote AMBITION, a psychological thriller film directed by Bob Shaye (founder of New Line Studios) in 2019. Slominski’s OGN, EVERMORE FALLS, was fully-funded on Kickstarter in three days in 2021, and will hit shelves through Scout Comics this summer. Together, their creator-owned mini-series CULT OF IKARUS was also picked up by Scout and the first issue is due in shops January 19th.

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