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Kisha: Demon Eater Volume 1 Finds Her Mark on Kickstarter


Kisha: Demon Eater Volume 1 Finds Her Mark on Kickstarter

Volume 1 of Newton Lilavois’ new series, Kisha Demon Hunter is nearing the end of its funding on Kickstarter, with over $13,000 raised at the time of this writing.

Ancient African demon king, Kishi, has hundreds of demon sons, but one day he fathers his first and only daughter- Kisha. Kishi distains his daughter. But Demon Kisha seeks the approval of her father, so she starts devouring her demon brothers to gain his attention and love. Angered by her actions, Kishi imprisons Demon Kisha to prevent her from consuming his sons.

Centuries later, sixteen-year-old Louisiana native Kisha Malveaux accidentally releases Demon Kisha from her prison and becomes possessed. Things get worse when she becomes the target of a demon hunter. In desperation, Kisha is sent to an estranged aunt in Kansas who has the power to exorcise Demon Kisha. But when Kisha gets to Kansas, she discovers her aunt’s town carries dangerous secrets. Kisha needs Demon Kisha to survive.

While researching a story, I stumbled upon an African legend about a demon named Kishi. From there, the idea for a comic book was sparked. As I formulated ideas about the main character, I wanted a character that my teenage daughters would find cool and interesting. My daughters are the reason that Kisha was born. When Gian finished drawing my vision of Kisha, I was excited by what Gian had brought to life. Still, I had no idea how much Kisha would also excite my social media followers when I first posted her image. It was then that I knew that Kisha was going to be something really special.

Newton Lilavois

Kisha Demon Eater Volume one will be 72 pages. The book is illustrated in beautiful grayscale by Gian Carlo Bernal in his unique style. Gian adds a splash of color that makes the pages pop! The limited edition variant covers means there will not be copies printed beyond the specified amount or number of backers pledged for the cover (whichever is greater). All interior pages will be in grayscale with color accents including the variant color cover.

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