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Jonathan Hedrick and Stefano Cardoselli Collaborate on Caffeinated Hearts


Jonathan Hedrick and Stefano Cardoselli Collaborate on Caffeinated Hearts

Caffeinated Hearts is a 24-page slice-of-life one-shot comic book set in a coffee shop with a cyberpunk backdrop. It combines Mr. Hedrick’s love of storytelling with Mr. Cardoselli’s dynamic artistic talent! The creators previously worked together on Freakshow Knight (Second Sight Publishing) and The Space Cadet (Scoot!).

The one-shot, which is currently funding on Kickstarter, features four interwoven vignettes are told within this single issue:

  • “Balance”the first sip about a bitter man down on his luck.
  • Forward”a look at a warm chainreaction of kindness among strangers.
  • Relax” – a soothing break from the daily chaos.
  • Finish” – the climatic end to a long day that reveals the grinds at the bottom of a mug.


The Creators

Jonathan Hedrick – Writer

Jonathan Hedrick is a comic book writer/creator born and raised in Brevard County, Florida. Comics has always been a passion of his and he recently began self-publishing his own titles. His current work includes the zombie one-shots Freakshow Princess & Freakshow Knight (from Second Sight Publishing),  a superhero story called Capable, and the political thriller The Recount (from Scout Comics). In addition to being a writer, Jonathan is an Army veteran and a licensed radiologic technologist. He resides in Melbourne, FL with his cat, Tessa.

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Stefano Cardoselli – Artist

Stefano Cardoselli is a Tuscan born artist who has been creating comics since 2000. He’s a frequent contributor to Heavy Metal Magazine. Of him, HM Editor in Chief Kevin Eastman has said:  “Stefano Cardoselli — I HATE this guy! I’ve only published everything he’s sent me! I think he can draw his ass off, and look forward to his next contribution.”  Stefano has also worked with 2000ADAntarctic Press, Blue Water Comics, Dark Slinger Comics and others just to name a few.  “The black-and-white artwork by Stefano Cardoselli creates a modern setting mixed with the western and horror genres. In a word drawn in shadows” –  Fangoria Horrror Magazine.

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