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THE COMIC CORNER: March 5, 2021 Edition


THE COMIC CORNER: March 5, 2021 Edition

Gather around one and all, as we dive into the corner of the universe known as crowdfunding. Today is the first outing of The Comic Corner, and I could not be more thrilled to have you all along for the ride. So, let’s jump right into it with this weeks set of interviews, and make sure you check out all of these awesome campaigns!



Aaron: Thanks so much for joining us, and being willing to take the time to talk about your project. Before that, introduce yourself to our readers.

Rob Andersin: I am Mister AnderSiN, The UNBOXABLE, UNCANNY, COMiX ADVOCATE who Creates Comics about FETISH, MONSTERS & MORE. The purveyor of FREE HUGS & SPANKS who helps The COMIiC INDUSTRY and its CREATORS RISE UP!!!


I am also a PROUD FATHER of an amazing Autistic boy named JAXX who inspires me daily, a PROUD UNCLE, a PIZZA Snob ( I grew up in NYC what do you expect), I hate Cake but LOVE ICE CREAM CAKE ( who doesn’t right?? Mmmm FUDGIE THE WHALE) and I still root for the NY METS so you know I don’t give up on things. Find out more at

Aaron: So, right off the bat, this is quite different from a normal comic book campaign; tell our readers a bit about how all of this came together.

Rob Andersin: It was a process years in the making, to be honest. All creators start off wanting a project like this, and no one ever seems to make it happen. A Project where all creators work together without egos getting in the way to create something that showcases as many creative talents as possible. A project like this requires transparency and trust which I have earned over the last decade in The Comics Industry. ENTER THE CONTINUUM is the manifestation of that Idea that comes from the Experience I ascertained from being part of the ADVOCATOR, making comics for the last decade and the Guidance the FOUNDERS of TERRAFORM COMICS LLC put into this project. We took all our ideas that worked and put them together to create what is now The CONTINUUM the beginning of an INDEPENDENT COMICS CREATIVE LIBRARY that is, way overdue, in my opinion, and TERRAFORM COMICS LLC Leadership is committed to that GOAL!!    

Aaron: What are the plans for the future of these stories and/or series?

Rob Andersin: 100 issues to Start over 10 years. Some issues will Launch our Imprints like SANDBOX, our all AGES IMPRINT, and for the ADULT AUDIENCE SUBTERRA an imprint that is SMART COMIX FOR ADULT READERS. We of course are considering themed issues such as Horror for HALLOWEEN, HEARTWARMING for CHRISTMAS, and LOVE STORIES FOR V-DAY but we also leave the door wide open for ideas not just from the TERRAFORM PARTNERS but the Creators we work with all. We have a completely open door for creators to come to us with ideas and suggestions.

Aaron: What else can you tell us about your campaign?

Rob Andersin: The PDF PACK we put together that is called The COMIC CREATOR LIBRARY CARD  that brings together and showcases creators work from all over the world as we come together and support each other while giving fans of comics an amazing deal that all backers of ENTER The CONTINUUM will get as a reward. As of this interview, we are at 350 pages of comics you can get for just a dollar and comes with every reward.  This is a Diverse collection of creators and their stories that proves that CREATORS can, and do, work together to entertain fans and showcases the POWER OF COMICS.

I also want to add this, ENTER The CONTINUUM  is a SUCCESS due to all the EFFORTS and PASSION of the TERRAFORM COMICS LLC Leadership- LUKE STONE our EIC and HEART of TERRAFORM, MEREDITH LOUGHRAN our Talent Liaison, MIKE SEALIE our Marketing Director, VARIAN GRANT Distribution and The LANNINGS for ART knowledge and social media prowess all of them play many roles all at once and with me come together like Voltron to combined & become a CREATIVE FORCE Protecting CREATIVE FREEDOM!!!    

Aaron: What is your favorite reward item for this campaign?

Rob Andersin: To Be honest if you have the Money getting the 75 Dollar tier is where it is at. You Get all the Covers from the Campaign ( Our standard cover designed by Russ Leach, and all  the limited edition virgin covers:: Russ LEACH has a Virgin Cover for Only DEATH CAN SAVE US that showcases Team DEATH, Mike Sealie’s Virgin Cover for ECLIPSE a BACKER FAVORITE right now, C. Michael Lanning’s amazing Virgin R.E.E.P.ers Cover and Luke Stone makes the WOLF almost JUMP off his Virgin Cover.)  you get The COMIC CREATOR LIBRARY CARD PDF pack and the if we REACH 100 backers a SPECIAL BACKER ONLY PDF with some extras only for Backers eyes. This is an Insane Collector’s dream come true. We may have some more add-on planned for this  tier as we begin stretch goals…

Aaron: What does the next year look like for you in comics?

Rob Andersin: It all about BEING ABOUT IT, and CREATING FROM THE HEART while helping other Creators RISE With me as often as I can.  As for TERRAFORM the Goal is to CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE of COMICS and we are gonna do that one ISSUE at a time.  Find out for yourself at  

Aaron: Thank you for coming on and talking about your current works. I am looking forward to seeing what is next!



Aaron: Thanks so much for joining us, and being willing to take the time to talk about your project. Before that, introduce yourself to our readers.

Tyr Jackson: It’s my pleasure, thanks for having me! Hey folks, my name is Tyrone “Tyr” Jackson and I am the owner/creator, CEO, EiC, and Publisher of SoveReign Comics LLC. I’ve been writing and creating since the first grade and this universe is one that I started working on in 2007. I worked on it for almost a decade before I published my first book. At the moment, I have 5 titles that have been released; Ayanmo Stigmata, Cypher Team, Orisha EXOS, STARS, and TEMPLE High. This year, there’s more in the chute. If you’re interested in checking me out, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @sovereigncomics. You can also check out my to find other SM platforms that I have, as well as my store and website which is and, other dopeness.

Aaron: Alright, give us the elevator pitch for Cypher Team i01!

Tyr Jackson: Dope, sweet and simple! Cypher Team Alpha is the story about a “Xenith” (aka super-powered) anti/counter-terrorist (Special Operations) unit that’s recommissioned to stop a terrorist uprising that threatens the lives of Xenith and Normal humans alike.

Aaron: Who is involved on the creative team, and where might people have seen their work before?

Tyr Jackson: The creative team involved is me at writing/creation, lettering, and editing. Mark and Marvin Marvida have worked on many different titles throughout the small press and indie comics community, including 2 of my other titles (Ayanmo Stigmata, and TEMPLE High). Mark (@markmarvida) is the penciler and inker and Marvin ( is the colorist. The two of them are brothers and they have been a staple in helping me get this universe up and running! Will Focus (@theonewillfocus) is the co-editor of the book and with my emergence into the comic book arena, he was incredibly helpful in directing me on who to talk to and how to navigate the business side of the art world.

Aaron: What does this story mean to you, not just as a creator, but toyou personally?

Tyr Jackson: This story means a lot to me. It’s the compass that’s guiding the SoVerse in the direction that I’ve paved for it. It’s the flagship of the universe and without it, the final story of the universe couldn’t be told. It actually spins from a story, which was the story, that started this entire universe. Both of these stories I breathed life into during a 15-month deployment to Iraq…so, there is a huge emotional connection for me and to say otherwise…would be a lie. Cypher Team went through some massive upgrades during the year-long deployment that I had after that. Without the both of them, I don’t think the SoVerse would be as interconnected, and as vast and story-driven, as I wanted it to be. In short, Cypher Team is the Gorilla Glue.

Aaron: What else can you tell us about your campaign?

Tyr Jackson: This campaign is one that I wanted to do to reach out to other individuals who may not have found Cypher Team through social media or word of mouth. All of my books I have paid for out of pocket so, all of them were published prior to seeing Kickstarter. The only book that was published after a Kickstarter (and still paid for out of pocket) was TEMPLE High. I want the campaign to do well because, if it does, all that means is, I can make more books for the SoVerse Fam and SoVerse Crew. That means more to me than anything.

I’ve made this campaign as barebones as possible. It’s mainly the book…and that’s all but, this campaign is also retiring the original Cypher Team Alpha i01 cover. So, if you are a collector, you may want to get your hands on that. Because after this campaign…the cover will disappear. I mean that…like, I’ll literally stop selling it…even if I have ten more copies left. So, it’s best to just back the tiers that have the old cover so I don’t have to stuff them in my safe.

Another cool thing about this campaign is that there are a bunch of other indie creators onboard who I have set as backer goals. If we reach those goals, all backers will get a digital print of one of their comics so…in short…free comics.

If you want to back, you can check out my campaign here At the moment, we’re sitting at 71 backers and $1,804. 4 more backers and we open the next backer goal….$196 more, and the next stretch goal is unlocked.

Aaron: What does the next year look like for you in comics?

Tyr Jackson: More comics! Most definitely an expansion for The SoVerse as SoveReign BLAVK will come to life. I have 4 new titles that I plan to release this year and more issues with the 5 titles that I already have. So, it’s going to be intense as we move deep into phase 1 of The SoVerse. I’m doing what I love…nothing will stop that. Like I said earlier…I’ve personally funded every book that I’ve released at the moment. So, if anyone is thinking that NOT backing my Kickstarter will stop me…you’re horribly mistaken, so…you might as well back it.

Aaron: Thank you for coming on and talking about your current works. I am looking forward to seeing what is next!

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Aaron: Welcome! I like to start off pretending that nobody knows who you are. So, here is your chance, tell us all about yourself

Dave Swartz: I like to tell people I’m a comic book writer & artist, however, I’m a teacher & philosopher too. I’ve been creating comics since 2014, and I also have done many freelance projects for companies such as Amazon, Uber, the NFL, and Warner Brothers. 

Aaron: Tell everybody a bit about your project “Confederate Monster”, give us the elevator pitch!

Dave Swartz: It’s Frankenstein meets the Civil War! … oh, you want more? It focuses on Igor, 8 years after the original Monster was reanimated. He’s been living in Virginia, during the Civil War, posing as a reconstructive surgeon named Dr. Daniel Schmidt. Soon, the Confederates discover his true identity, and force him to reanimated their entire fallen army!

Aaron: Your art is beautiful! Who are your artistic influences?

Dave Swartz: My biggest influences are Sean Murphy, Ryan Ottley, Dan Mora, and of course the artist of my previous book Feast or Famine, Joseph Cooper.

Aaron: What is your creative process like?

Dave Swartz: Since I’m a writer & artist, I always begin with the writing stage, because it helps me formulate how the characters, and the world they live in looks. Then I begin with some designs like a concept artist for a movie would. I studied to become a video concept illustrator, so I do lots of concept sketches, and designs before I begin final art. Then the grind of knocking out page after page until that beast is complete! I usually can tackle a whole page from rough layout to letters in one day. That is if I have the entire day to devote to it.

Aaron: What are your plans for the future of this story and/or series?

Dave Swartz: I always have more stories in my head. This one I have 3-4 different endings that hint at future events to unfold, but I’m always looking to the next shiny new idea. So I’m not sure exactly, but someday for sure.

Aaron: What is your favorite reward item for this campaign?

Dave Swartz: Earlier today I just posted my favorite reward so far! It’s a 3D printed bust of Dr. Frankenstein from the book! You can choose between a mini 5″ tall, or a large 10″ tall version. The mini is painted to look like real marble, and the large to look like bronze. They are very exclusive and EXTREMELY limited, so they are the best collector’s item by far.

Aaron: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I hope you have much success and continue to deliver great comic books.

Dave Swartz: Thank you for having me!

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