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THE CAMPAIGN CORNER: April 23rd Edition


THE CAMPAIGN CORNER: April 23rd Edition

Heavens Decoded by Cyfer Comics

Tell everybody a bit about your project “HEAVENS DECODED” – give us the elevator pitch!

It’s a cross between Indiana Jones and Green Lantern. An archaeologist is asked to analyze alien symbols found on Mars, but he discovers a lot more than symbols while in space.

What is your creative process like? 

I like to draw from personal experiences and interactions – whether I lived it or witnessed it by others – and tend to use everything not related to comics to have an unbiased approach to character building at the start. Then I look at how it all can fit into the story I want to tell. Sometimes, it belongs in the story, and sometimes it doesn’t, then you have to make choices.

Who are some of your biggest creative influences?

Wow. So many. The obvious ones to start: George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry. But also John Grisham, Denny O’Neill (Green Lantern), Danny Fingeroth (Amazing Spider-Man), JRR Tolkien, and Frank Miller.

What is your favorite reward item for this campaign?

Commander of The Learners (Variant PRO) – along with all the comic content, I love giving people a sneak peek of 3 pages of script from Part 2. I think Part 1 should be seen as just an intro. But Part 2 will blow people away. So will Part 3!

What are your plans for the future of this story and/or series?

My plans are to use this limited series as a springboard into starting the Cyfer Comics Universe. I have already started planning for two spinoffs from the end of this series.

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